Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority’s Woodhill Homes Residents Profiled in Recent Articles

Date Published: 
January 8th, 2020

Two recent online publications have featured residents of the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority’s (CMHA) Woodhill Homes and their experiences living in public housing.

As part of a series of stories about the community and its residents published in tandem with CMHA’s two-year, $350,000 project to revitalize Woodhill Homes, ideastream profiled a day in the life of Sonny Graham, a 9 year-old Woodhill Homes resident. Sonny shares an outline of a normal day in his life illustrated by photos and video, talking about his morning routine, his school day, his afterschool activities at Woodhill Homes’ Community Center, playing with other kids at the neighborhood playground, and his nighttime routine of homework, dinner, reading, and bedtime.  Read and watch Sonny recount “A Day in the Life of a Kid Growing Up in Public Housing.”

In Yes! Magazine’s article “A Health Breakthrough that Depends on People, Not Drugs,” Woodhill Homes resident Marilyn Burns, a certified community health worker, discusses her efforts to promote healthy living and a sense of community by hosting events at Woodhill Homes. With help from partners like arts groups and health organizations, Burns organizes Zumba and yoga classes, arts festivals, winter coat drives, and other activities that bring residents together and encourage health and wellness.

“My work is to encourage [kids] and be uplifting. That’s good for their health and for the health of the community,” said Burns. Learn more about Marilyn Burns, her work, and other “system stewards” that address health, economic, environmental and social challenges of low-income communities through local, common-sense solutions.


Sonny Graham playing games Woodhill Community Center (photo credit: ideastream)

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