CLPHA Executive Director Tells Multi-Housing News What Shutdown Could Mean for Affordable Housing

Date Published: 
January 22nd, 2019

CLPHA’ Executive Director Sunia Zaterman spoke to Multi-Housing News about the disastrous effect the shutdown will have on not only on Housing Choice Voucher funding and other rental assistance programs, but also affordable housing projects, if it continues beyond February.  Zaterman added that if the shutdown continues into March, for smaller landlords and property owners especially “there is a huge concern about the ripple effect and concerns about bankruptcy and foreclosure.”

However, as Zaterman noted in a January 16, 2019,  joint press release accompanying a national conference call  about the effects of the partial government shutdown on low-income people and communities and the affordable housing programs that serve them, the shutdown is already a  catastrophe for millions who rely on HUD funding. “Anxious residents and landlords fearful of missed payments, combined with other cascading impacts due to lack of staffing at HUD, including program grants not being renewed and affordable housing development deals not being approved, amount to an unmitigated disaster for millions of low-income families,” said Zaterman.

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