Bringing Free Health Screenings to Community Locations (Trenton Housing Authority)

Date Published: 
November 14th, 2019

From Trenton Daily:

Senior housing, barber shops, and houses of worship are just a few of the places Trenton residents can now get free health screenings–along with referrals for cancer screenings and other follow-up care–thanks to a new Trenton Health Team outreach program. 

THT staff and local nursing students are visiting neighborhoods to check blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), and diabetes risk (A1c). They also are surveying residents about non-medical needs that affect health, such as access to healthy food, housing conditions, homelessness, and income insecurity–and connecting clients to local agencies that can meet those needs.

“We are bringing needed health screenings where people live, work and pray,” said Natalie Terens, THT Director of Population Health.

For residents without a primary care physician, health screenings provide information that can save lives, improve outcomes, and prevent serious conditions from developing. For example, a diabetes screening may be the first time clients learn if their Hemoglobin A1c level is healthy or requires medical attention.

Trenton Housing Authority Resident and Community Services Manager Pamela Brooks welcomes the screening events for residents.

“On-site health and wellness screenings are essential to our residents in senior/disabled buildings because often they are unable to get to their own doctor or health professional for various reasons,” Brooks said. “THT has made it possible for checks of blood pressure, A1c levels– and more–by visiting us.”

Read Trenton Daily's article "Bringing Free Health Screenings to Community Locations," featuring the Trenton Housing Authority.

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