Submit Your 2020 Summit Session Proposals

The Council of Large Public Housing Authorities (CLPHA) invites you to submit breakout session proposals for the 2020 Housing Is Summit. Conference sessions will provide an opportunity to showcase perspectives about innovative cross-sector work.

The Housing Is Summit welcomes a diverse group of 300+ leaders and stakeholders from the housing, health, and education sectors who are exploring methods to use cross-sector partnerships to improve life-outcomes. The Summit is a time for partners—current and emerging—to come together to learn from each other, share best practices, and forge new collaborations.

We seek a variety of individual presenters and panels. Presenters should be knowledgeable about their topics either through direct work with residents, research, or expertise. All sessions should be engaging and actively address how audience members can use the information presented. Session Proposals are due by January 3, 2020.

The 2020 Housing Is Summit will be held in Washington, D.C., at the Washington Marriott Georgetown on Thursday, April 30 and Friday, May 1. If accepted, your session might be scheduled for either date of the Summit.

Conference speakers will be offered a 15% discount off our Regular Registration Rate. Instructions about how to secure this discount will be sent with notification of proposal acceptance. (Note: We also have an Early Bird Registration Rate available through January 17, which is lower than the speaker rate).

Submission Guidelines

  • Only fully completed proposals will be considered.
  • All proposals must be submitted by either Google Form or email to (download Word proposal form). Proposals must be submitted no later than 11:59pm PT on January 3, 2020. Please email with any issues or questions.
  • All breakout sessions are scheduled to be 75 minutes including no fewer than 15 minutes of Q&A to allow for both insightful presentations and substantive discussion.
  • Sessions will be held on either Thursday, April 30, or Friday, May 1, 2020. Please confirm your speakers' availability for both dates. We cannot accommodate requests for specific day or time slots for breakout sessions.
  • All accepted submissions (primary contacts) will be notified by February 3, 2020.
  • See below for more information about our breakout sessions and what we are looking for in proposals.


Note: You will need a Google account to submit this form.




Download Session Proposal Form - Word Document

Send completed proposals to


What We Are Looking For in Proposals

Any organization can submit a proposal for the Summit. The primary quality for a proposal being accepted is featuring compelling ideas in interesting ways.  While not required, we value the following qualities in evaluating all session proposals we receive:


  • Features At Least 2 Distinct Sectors. The spirit of the Housing Is Summit is breaking down silos and forging strategic partnerships across sectors. We seek session proposals that include at least two sectors, with at least one being housing, health, or education. While we focus primarily on these three sectors at the Summit, we welcome sessions that include additional sectors and systems that impact resident and community outcomes (e.g. criminal justice, transportation, employment).
  • Relevance to Public Housing Authorities. As CLPHA is a nonprofit association representing large public housing authorities, priority will be given to session proposals that explicitly feature housing authorities as partners and/or present content directly relevant to PHAs as affordable housing providers. If you are exploring innovations that do not yet include housing authorities, we strongly encourage you directly address the applicability of this content to PHAs and any plans to include PHAs in future phases or iterations of the programs.
  • Variety of Cross-Sector Partners Represented. Cross-sector partnerships thrive when a diverse array of partners are organized around common goals and incentivized to achieve shared outcomes.Having representation from these various partners enriches discussion by explaining the value of these collaborations to different sectors and systems involved.
  • Fresh Ideas and Perspectives. We pride ourselves in featuring the most innovative, effective approaches to cross-sector collaboration at our event each year. Housing Is focuses on topics surrounding cross-sector work happening with housing, education, and health.
  • Efficient Use of Time and Talent. We want to make sure each session makes good use of the time allotted. We encourage submitters to carefully consider how many and which presenters are needed to cover the needed content.
  • Addressing Data Sharing, Metrics & Outcomes. Summit attendees have long been interested in sessions that highlight the ins and outs of data sharing and analysis, as well as metrics development and cross-sector outcomes. Does your session touch on the role of data in driving program design and/or illustrating success? How did the various partners contribute to data sharing and analysis?
  • Speakers from Marginalized/Underrepresented Groups. We consciously seek to maximize representation from marginalized/underrepresented groups among presenters at the Summit (e.g. racial, ethnic, gender expression, sexual orientation, living with disabilities, etc.). This also extends to including those with lived experiences relevant to the session content.
  • Geographic Diversity. As a national convening, we seek to maximize geographic diversity across our various sessions, though we typically focus more attention on large metropolitan areas.


About Breakout Session Proposals
  • Breakout Tracks: You will be asked to decide within which track your session best fits even though it could suit multiple tracks. If accepted, we reserve the right to place your session in a track different from your application since we are hoping to have similar numbers of sessions in each of our four content tracks.
    • Partnership Development -- Sessions highlighting multiple sectors working together, content can be more broad than education/health alone. (e.g. case studies about partnership develop best practices, data sharing/collaboration, community organizing, advocacy)
    • Housing Is Education -- Sessions primarily focused on the intersection between housing and education.
    • Housing Is Health -- Sessions primarily focused on the intersection between housing and health/healthcare.
    • Peer Learning (Discussion & Networking) -- Sessions whose primary focus is generating group discussion, facilitating peer-to-peer information exchange, or providing another interactive exercise outside of the traditional presentation/Q&A format. Note: We encourage these sessions to be without slides/A-V.
  • Session Length and Outline: All breakout sessions will be 75 minutes long. In your session proposal, you will be asked to provide a “run of show” that outlines your session details with timing (e.g. how long each speaker will present, order of presentations, etc.). We ask that presenters reserve no fewer than 15 minutes for Q&A or discussion to maximize audience engagement. We strongly recommend that presenters include plenty of buffer time for presentations and discussion as timing often does not go exactly as planned.
  • Confirm Speaker Availability: Prior to submitting this proposal, please confirm that your proposed presenters are available the dates of April 30 and May 1 (with travel to Washington, D.C.) as your session, if accepted, could be scheduled for either date. This also ensures that your presenters know their names are being submitted for this session proposal. We cannot accommodate requests for specific day or time slots for breakout sessions. All presenters must be registered by April 1.
  • Configuring Agenda: Given the limited number of sessions and our interest in presenting as much innovative content as possible, it is possible we could offer conditional acceptance with requests to modify the proposal or ask to combine it with other, similar submissions of interest. These requests will be made once proposals have been reviewed and discussed.
  • Note for For-Profit Companies: For-profit companies are welcome to submit proposals for the Summit, but a proposal is unlikely to be accepted if the proposed session resembles a sales pitch. We encourage companies to feature innovative partnerships with affordable housing providers (including PHAs), other community-based nonprofit organizations, government officials, etc. If you are a for-profit company interested in showing your support for the Summit as a sponsor, we encourage you to explore our Sponsorship Opportunities.


  1. Submit Session Proposal by 11:59pm PT on January 3, 2020
  2. Decisions Sent by CLPHA by February 3, 2020
  3. Confirm Details of Session with CLPHA
  4. Register Speakers by April 1, 2020
  5. Final Prep Calls/Meeting
  6. Submit Final Session Materials to CLPHA
  7. See You at the Summit!
  8. Debrief with Us



Submit Your Session Proposal - Google Form

Note: You will need a Google account to submit this form.



Download Session Proposal Form - Word Document

Send completed proposals to

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