To The Point Podcast

To The Point Podcast Episode 8: Creating Opportunities for PHAs to Partner with Community Behavioral Health Organizations


In a recent CLPHA member survey, 84 percent said access to behavioral and mental health services, including substance use treatment, is one of the biggest health challenges for their residents. PHA residents are dealing with everything from acute mental health crises to the stress and anxiety of living in poverty, but forward-thinking PHAs are collaborating with health partners to help address these behavioral health challenges.

To The Point Podcast Episode 7: How to Protect Your Housing Authority from Cyberattacks


Public housing authorities face the same cybersecurity threats as any large organization. H.A.I. Group CEO and cybersecurity expert Ed Malaspina joins host Jeffery K. Patterson to discuss what public housing authorities can do to protect themselves from the very real threat of cyberattacks.


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To The Point Podcast Episode 6: Seeing Red: The Impact of Redlining in Cleveland, Ohio


The practice of redlining is where public and private officials and professionals designated certain neighborhoods as high-risk largely due to racial demographics. This led to denied loans or significantly higher interest rates in those neighborhoods. It institionalized racial bias, and denied generations of Black families the ability to build and transfer wealth. The repercussions still plague those neighborhoods today with ongoing disinvestment. This episode of To The Point is a panel discussion from CLPHA's 2023 Summer Meeting about the impact of redlining in Cleveland, Ohio.

To The Point Podcast Episode 5: How HACLA Is Combatting Homelessness in Los Angeles


Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass has declared a state of emergency on homelessness in the city. Host Jeffery K. Patterson sits down with the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) President and CEO Doug Guthrie and CLPHA Executive Director Sunia Zaterman to discuss why homelessness has become a humanitarian crisis in the country and how HACLA's efforts are combatting the problem.


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To The Point Podcast, Episode 4: Roundtable on Racial Equity, Inclusion & Belonging


To The Point host Jeffery K. Patterson, CLPHA president and Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority CEO, discusses how public housing authorities are approaching race, equity, inclusion and belonging principles with Sunia Zaterman, CLPHA executive director; Karen Dubois-Walton, Elm City Communities President, and Adele James from Adele James Consulting.


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To The Point Podcast, Episode 3: Ed Lowndes on the Housing Authority of Kansas City, MO's Education Partnerships


Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority CEO and CLPHA President Jeffery K. Patterson sits down with CLPHA Executive Director Sunia Zaterman to discuss how CLPHA’s Housing Is Initiative has elevated collaborations between the housing and education sectors to improve education outcomes for low-income students of all ages, and Sunia explains how CLPHA member PHAs are pioneering these life-changing collaborations in their own communities.

To The Point Podcast, Episode 2: La Shelle Dozier on the Sacramento Housing & Redevelopment Agency's Choice Neighborhoods Project, Mirasol Village


Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority CEO and CLPHA President Jeffery K. Patterson sits down with CLPHA Executive Director Sunia Zaterman to discuss the history of the Choice Neighborhoods Initative (CNI). Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency Executive Director La Shelle Dozier also joins Jeffery to highlight Sacramento's $320 million redevelopment of Mirasol Village, which began with a $30 million CNI grant. You'll also learn if Hope I through Hope V preceded Hope VI and the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative.


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