Mothers speak out about formula crisis at Roundtable (Elm City Communities)

Date Published: 
May 31st, 2022

From Fox 61 New Haven:

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro held a roundtable in New Haven on Monday to discuss what needs to be done to address the ongoing baby formula crisis and hear mothers' stories. 

Many moms spoke out during the discussion and shared their trials and tribulations trying to feed their children during the formula shortage. One mother said she has traveled across the state to find a formula for her child. 

"Formulas that were already really hard to find just became extinct, so to speak," explained  New Haven mom, Lygia Davenport. 


"At the time that we found out about the formula, she was three months old, and I immediately checked her formula, and all of the cans that we had were contaminated," said Devenporot.  

These stories aren't uncommon, and advocates said they believe they should be heard by legislators and leaders everywhere. 

"So that we understand the real impact this has on families that live in the state, who live across the country, but that this existed for many of those even before this began," explained Janet Alfano, CT Connecticut Diaper Bank Executive Director. 

In fact,  The shortage has disproportionately impacted marginalized communities, and the hope is that this conversation serves as a wake-up call for change. 

"Anything that impacts society more broadly really has an extra impact on families living with low income," said Karen DuBois- Walton, New Haven Housing Authority and Elm City Communities Executive Director. "If we're going to come out of this with solutions rooted in trying to be more equitable, then we have to have solutions focused on families that have historically been more marginalized."

Read Fox 61 New Haven's article "Mothers speak out about formula crisis at Roundtable," featuring Elm City Communities.

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