Housing Is and CLPHA Principles
CLPHA believes the stability provided by affordable housing is the critical first element of many important and interconnected social determinants that shape life outcomes. We support efforts in housing and other sectors like education, health, and workforce that improve access to opportunity, safety, healthcare, and financial stability for low-income Americans.

CLPHA is committed to recognizing the interconnectedness of affordable housing, quality education, and healthcare access to provide individuals and families stability and opportunity. The Housing Is Initiative builds upon mounting evidence that housing stability acts as a keystone of individuals’ and families’ abilities to achieve academically, secure and maintain employment, and achieve regular access to needed health services.

We stand with residents of public housing who are often dependent on other social systems, as well as our partners in other sectors to advocate for smart, intersectional policies and practices.

Secure adequate funding

Our commitment to full funding extends to sectors and systems, like housing, that serve the basic needs of low-income Americans. Budget cuts to public education and healthcare, like cuts to public housing, have a disproportionate impact on low-income residents.

Stimulate capital investment

As a cornerstone social determinant for low-income individuals, housing is critical to the success of all partnerships seeking to support their needs. Increased and sustained capital investment not only increases our ability to provide homes to more individuals, families, and seniors, but more housing also increases their likelihood of achieving higher educational, health, and employment outcomes.

Ensure program and funding flexibility

Housing Is values partnerships that allow multiple sectors to improve life outcomes together. We recognize that the dedicated resources of nonprofit foundations can help bolster existing efforts to align systems, and private sector partners can often invest in innovative solutions that serve a variety of systems at once.

Promote innovation of housing authorities

We recognize the critical role public housing authorities play in cross-system partnerships serving those experiencing poverty. As the largest provider of housing stability for this population, PHAs act as foundational partners for efforts to address multiple social determinants simultaneously.

Reduce silos across sectors
This Initiative is the embodiment of CLPHA’s long-standing commitment to cross-sector collaboration. Housing Is builds on mounting research that addressing low income people’s spectrum of needs improves life outcomes across the board.

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