Jobs & RFPs

To post a job, please click here to email the job posting as a Word attachment. Please send job postings with minimal formatting and design elements (images, borders, logos, tables, etc.). PDFs cannot be posted.

Announcements remain for 60 days unless otherwise requested. The date immediately following the city name is the date the item was posted to this site. If given, a second date in parentheses that follows the first is when the posting expires.


Capital Fund Program Administrator (Development) (Durham, NC) (02/15/2018) (03/01/2018)

Chief Housing Officer (Denver, CO) (02/15/2018) (02/25/2018)

Director of Client Services (Tacoma, WA) (02/09/2018)

Expressions of Interest - Repair and Building (Alexander County, IL) (02/08/2018) (03/22/2018)

Housing Portfolio Manager (Vancouver, WA) (02/07/2018)

Engineer Supervisor (Boston, MA) (02/07/2018)

Director of Asset Management (Mobile, AL) (02/07/2018) (02/27/2018)

Maintenance Technician (Asset Management) (Durham, NC) (02/06/2018) (02/20/2018)

RFQ Architectural/Engineering Services (San Benito, TX) (02/06/2018) (03/06/2018)

Chief Financial Officer (New York, NY) (02/06/2018)

Executive Director (Monterey County, CA) (02/02/2018) (03/05/2018)

Accounting Manager (Durham, NC) (02/01/2018) (02/16/2018)

Vice President for Operations (New York, NY) (01/31/2018)

Asset Manager (Cambridge, MA) (01/29/2018)

Lead Maintenance (Austin, TX) (01/25/2018) (02/09/2018)

Assistant Housing Manager (Austin, TX) (01/25/2018) (02/16/2018)

Locksmith (Durham, NC) (01/24/2018)

Executive Director (St. Louis, MO) (01/22/2018) (03/02/2018)

Program Director (Washington, D.C.) (01/18/2018)

Strategic Initiatives Analyst - Senior Analyst (New York, NY) (01/21/2018)

Chief Communications Officer (New York, NY) (01/12/2018)

Chief Financial Officer (New Haven, CT) (01/12/2018)

Regional Homeless Coordinator Supervisor (Boston, MA) (01/11/2018)

Director of Finance & Administration (Annapolis, MD) (01/05/2018)

Director of Accounting (Cincinnati, OH) (01/03/2018)

RFQ - Developer Partner(s) (Baltimore, MD) (01/03/2018) (02/23/2018)

Executive Director (Superior, WI) (01/02/2018)

RFI: Development of Vacant Property (New Orleans, LA) (12/20/2017)