Opportunity Home San Antonio Article Discusses Common Stereotypes, Myths, and Misconceptions About Public Housing

Date Published: 
March 26th, 2024

From Opportunity Home San Antonio's website:

For most people, the words “Public Housing” conjure up images of poor, crime-ridden areas whose residents are lacking motivation and hope for the future.

These stereotypes have formed over decades thanks to Hollywood portrayals, negative media coverage, and the spreading of inaccurate information and perceptions. The truth is, most residents in public housing are hardworking, determined and just need a helping hand to create a better life for themselves and their families. Telling the real stories of these Public Housing residents will help to overcome these unfounded stereotypes over time. 

When the United States Housing Authority was created in the midst of the Great Depression, it was really a turning point for the country. There was finally political support to invest in this important program to provide stable and affordable housing to those in need.

Residents who live in Public Housing pay about 30% of their income towards housing costs, and the rest is subsidized. If residents are not able to pay that amount, they can pay what they can afford. 

“It is the last remaining housing safety net in this country. Without public housing, we would see a national housing homeless crisis that probably has not been since the nineteenth century or perhaps the early twentieth century,” says Michael Reyes, public affairs officer for Opportunity Home, which administers the Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher programs in San Antonio.

Despite the positive impacts the Public Housing program has had on so many lives, the unfounded stereotypes still persist.

Read OHSA's article "Common Stereotypes, Myths, and Misconceptions About Public Housing."

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