NYCHA Announces Waste Containerization Pilot Program

Date Published: 
September 11th, 2023


On August 10, 2023, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) announced the launch of a waste containerization pilot program for five NYCHA developments across South Brooklyn. The program, Clean Curbs for All, aims to reduce food sources from trash left out on curbs for pests like rats to consume and continue to grow. 

The program is slated to begin in the first half of 2024 and will run for two years. NYCHA has entered into an agreement with WasteTech LLC to provide the services. WasteTech LLC will supply the pest-proof containers, leased trucks and hoist equipment. Residents will bring trash and recycling directly to the curbside containers, which will be placed around the perimeter of the developments where it will be accessible for collection. The containers will be appropriately sized based on the amount of waste generated by the developments. Two electric refuse trucks with a semi-automated hoist will collect the waste. 

The five impacted developments include: O’Dwyer Gardens, Gravesend Houses, Haber Houses, Coney Island Houses, and Coney Island (Site 8). The five developments collectively have over 4,000 residents. Over the course of the pilot program, NYCHA anticipates keeping over 3,650 tons of trash and recycling off the curb. 

NYCHA will work with the Departments of Sanitation and Transportation to gather data on waste collection, and will help shape guidelines for siting and container maintenance and assess the potential for a larger implementation of the program. 

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