Comcast Gives $50,000 to Advance Digital Literacy in Fort Wayne

Date Published: 
September 13th, 2023

From Broadband Communities Magazine:

 Comcast awarded $50,000 today to The Literacy Alliance of Fort Wayne to advance economic opportunity through digital literacy and broadband adoption. The company also announced a donation of 250 laptops to the Fort Wayne Housing Authority, Fort Wayne Boys and Girls Club, St. Joseph Mission, Fort Wayne Urban League, and The Literacy Alliance of Fort Wayne.

“We have seen an incredible need in the community for digital literacy over the last few years,” says Melinda Haines, CEO, The Literacy Alliance. “Partnering with Comcast to deliver digital navigation and skill-building opportunities is a huge step towards bridging the digital divide in urban and rural areas for Hoosiers looking for a positive career pathway.”

“Comcast’s commitment to digital equity and education in Indiana continues to impress and inspire,” said Joe Jordan, president and CEO, Fort Wayne Boys and Girls Club. “The kids I’ve talked to who have received these generous gifts have become even more inspired now that they have a creative outlet and a learning resource right at their fingertips.”

Read Broadband Communities Magazine's article "Comcast Gives $50,000 to Advance Digital Literacy in Fort Wayne," featuring the Fort Wayne Housing Authority,

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