Can Miami artists afford to stay local? This Miami-Dade County official is looking for solutions (Miami-Dade Public Housing & Community Development)

Date Published: 
November 7th, 2023

From WLRN Miami:

It’s a hard time to be an artist in Miami.

Fewer music venues, like Churchill’s, are around for up-and-coming musicians to practice their craft. Rents for artist studios are like rents for the rest of us — they’re going up.

Wynwood is lost as an artist enclave. The next areas, like Allapattah, are already pricing artists out. The median sale price of a home in Miami-Dade went up more than 70% in the last four years.

How can the people of a city express their creativity and — their frustrations — if they can’t live in the place that inspires them?

Part of Alex Ballina’s job is trying to fix that.

He’s Miami-Dade County’s Director of Public Housing and Community Development. It’s his job to use county dollars to build affordable housing. But it also means thinking bigger — about how our community is affected by local artists not being able to stay local.


On the Oct. 30 episode of Sundial, we talked to Ballina about how the county is working to ensure Miami natives can afford to stay local.

Listen to WLRN Miami's story "Can Miami artists afford to stay local? This Miami-Dade County official is looking for solutions," featuring Miami-Dade Public Housing & Community Development."

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