8 senior citizens get new apartments in Jersey City's effort to provide more benefits (Jersey City HA)

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November 7th, 2023

From CBS New York:

Some senior citizens in New Jersey who were once homeless will be sleeping in new homes tonight.

It's part of an effort to get more benefits to people.

There is no place like home. That's especially true for someone who knows what it's like to be without one.

Kenneth Cauley just got the keys to his new studio apartment in Jersey City. He's been staying at his daughter's house lately, and before that, he was living in a shelter. So his small apartment feels huge.

"It took a real long time getting here, but I got here," Cauley said.


Cauley was one of eight seniors who were welcomed home Tuesday.

"Words can't even describe it. Some of these folks were homeless. Some of them were sleeping on couches of family members," said Tamika McReynolds, with the Hudson County Department of Housing and Community Integration.

McReynolds says this is a collaboration with the Jersey City Housing Authority that made this happen. They're paying for the first month's rent plus security deposit, and moving forward, rent will be subsidized with Section 8 vouchers.

Read CBS New York's article "8 senior citizens get new apartments in Jersey City's effort to provide more benefits," featuring the Jersey City Housing Authority.

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