HUD Updates Guidance for PHAs Working with CoCs on Homelessness

Date Published: 
June 12th, 2023

HUD has published Notice PIH 2023-13, which supersedes PIH Notice 2013-15, and provides PHAs with strategies to use HCVs while working with CoCs to prevent homelessness.  

Specifically, this notice:  

  • Revises the definition of homelessness for the purpose of reporting in IMS/PIC 
  • Outlines new guidance on how PHAs and CoCs can share data derived from IMS/PIC and HMIS, including best practices for pairing data from the Form 50058 with HMIS Data 
  • Provides updated guidance on:  
    • waiting list management and preferences,  
    • screening policies regarding criminal activity, substance use, and rental history 
    • program termination and eviction policies 
    • information regarding pairing project-based vouchers with CoC Supportive Services to create Permanent Supportive Housing 

Notice PIH 2023-13 describes how PHAs can use new HCVs strategically by collaborating with their local CoC to establish preferences to assist individuals and families who are experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness. It provides a wide range of best practices and updated guidance. Notably, the Notice also provides best practices for pairing data from the Form 50058 with HMIS Data. 

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