Serving with a Sense of Compassion: Joaquín Cintrón Vega (Lucas Metropolitan Housing)

Date Published: 
January 12th, 2022

From The CEO Publication:

Joaquín Cintrón Vega, Lucas Metropolitan Housing (LMH) president and chief executive officer, began his journey in his beloved Puerto Rico. He has overcome many challenges in his life, and those experiences provided the lessons that define who he is today—one of the most dynamic leaders in the residential housing industry.

Early in his life, he battled—and beat—cancer. The disease reshaped his perception of time and instilled in him the importance of maintaining a sense of compassion and appreciation for the simple and most essential things in life—like helping people obtain and maintain a place to call home. With a sense of understanding and a mission-driven approach, he is leading LMH to provide housing opportunities and supportive services to the Toledo area community. “Our mission is to create and maintain sustainable, affordable housing  opportunities, provide pathways to  a better quality of life, and empower vibrant communities,” explained Cintrón Vega.

Read The CEO Publication's profile of Lucas Metropolitan Housing CEO Joaquín Cintrón Vega.


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