Grandparents to be given preference for Affordable Housing in Yonkers (MHACY)

Date Published: 
May 31st, 2022

From the Family Service Society of Yonkers' (FSSY) press release:

Family Service Society of Yonkers (FSSY) is partnering with Municipal Housing Authority for the City of Yonkers (MHACY) in a joint mission to assist kinship families seeking affordable housing. In this cooperative effort, kinship families (headed by grandparents raising children in the absence of their biological parents) who are seeking affordable housing in Yonkers will receive local preference alongside other groups such as the disabled, veterans and the homeless, making them eligible for priority placement in affordable housing and the receipt of Section 8 vouchers. FSSY Kinship Support Program will facilitate placement of kinship families in affordable housing by performing community outreach and assisting kinship caregivers in completing MHACY's intake forms to determine their eligibility for both municipal housing and section 8 vouchers.

There are over 1,450 grandparents in Yonkers raising grandchildren because their parents are unable to do so. The FSSY Kinship Support Program assists 50 of these families. Over 90% of them fall in the low and extremely low income categories, and 96% are women, most of whom are single grandmothers.

Helen Frankel, Executive Director of FSSY states "Kinship caregivers take the responsibility for raising children when many can barely afford to make ends meet and have inadequate housing. Most are single grandmothers with very low incomes who have taken over caring for traumatized children because their parents are unable to care for them. We are very pleased to partner with MHACY in affording kinship caregivers the assistance they need and hope that other municipalities will also consider taking similar measures to provide adequate and safe housing for kinship families."

Wilson Kimball, President & CEO, Municipal Housing of the City of Yonkers said, "MHACY's past and current relationship with FSSY and its resident coordinators has been very rewarding for our tenants and our staff. We look forward to partnering with FSSY on this new and much-needed service to an incredibly important population."

Read FSSY's press release, featuring the Municipal Housing Authority for the City of Yonkers.

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