FCC Announces Funding for Your Home, Your Internet Pilot Program; CLPHA Strongly Encourages PHAs to Apply

Date Published: 
November 22nd, 2022

Applications Due January 9, 2023

Yesterday the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for its Your Home, Your Internet Pilot Program (YHYI). The NOFO offers up to $5 million for the YHYI Outreach Grants. CLPHA has worked closely with the FCC to help shape YHYI and other related Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) funding opportunities through direct dialogue with members of Congress and the FCC, and we strongly encourage our members to apply for these funds.


What is YHYI?

The YHYI Outreach Grants, one of four complementary programs under the ACP Grant Program, provide funding to eligible state, local, and Tribal housing agencies or non-profit organizations, community-based organizations, and tenant association partners to federal, state, local, or Tribal housing agencies for outreach activities to increase awareness and encourage participation in the ACP for households receiving federal housing assistance.

The one-year pilot program will allow the FCC to test the best methods for helping consumers receiving qualifying federal housing assistance available through HUD programs and administered at the federal, Tribal, regional, and local level to learn about and enroll in the ACP. YHYI funding will only be provided to entities that are selected to participate in the Your Home, Your Internet Pilot Program.

This pilot was announced by Commissioner Starks at the 2022 Housing Is Summit.


Why Apply?

CLPHA strongly encourages our members to apply for YHYI as it is specifically geared towards helping public housing authorities and similar agencies to bridge the digital divide in our communities. Public housing authorities have long understood that digital access is critical to improve life outcomes for low-income families living in assisted housing, and this additional support will help more assisted households connected. We were pleased to hear from Justin Faulb, chief of staff and wireline and national security advisor for FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks, at CLPHA’s Fall Meeting last week where he discussed YHYI in detail and also advocated for attendees to apply for the pilot.


How to Apply

Eligible applicants must submit applications by January 9, 2023, 9:00 p.m. EST. This NOFO will only apply to pilot participants seeking grant funds, those participants who will self-fund the pilot will not be required to adhere to the NOFO requirements. View the full NOFO and information on how to apply here.


Other FCC Funding Opportunities

The FCC has also announced funding availability for the ACP Navigator Pilot Program and the National Competitive Outreach Program (NCOP). You can learn more about these opportunities via the FCC’s FAQs.


Contact CLPHA

CLPHA would like to hear from you if you are considering applying for YHYI funds. If you are applying for YHYI or have any questions or concerns, please contact Abra Lyons-Warren, director of cross-sector initiatives, at abra@clpha.org.


More Information on Affordable Connectivity Outreach Program Grants:

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