Statement of the Council of Large Public Housing Authorities on the Biden Administration’s FY22 Budget Request ​​​​​​​

Date Published: 
April 9th, 2021
Media Contact:
David Greer, CLPHA
 (202) 550-1381
For Immediate Release
April 9, 2021
(Washington, D.C.) April 9, 2021 – The Council of Large Public Housing Authorities welcomes the Biden administration’s continuing commitment to ensuring housing stability and ending homelessness with a 15 percent increase in HUD’s budget and a nearly 20 percent increase in the Housing Choice Voucher program, which was announced today in a preview of its Fiscal Year 2022 budget request.
The request would increase HUD’s budget to $68.7 billion with $30.4 billion of those funds committed to the Housing Choice Voucher program, which would expand rental assistance to 200,000 additional households. We are also pleased to see the Capital Fund increased to $3.2 billion, HOME Investment Partnerships increased to $1.9 billion, and Community Development Block Grants increased to $3.8 billion. When combined with the $40 billion dedicated to recapitalizing the public housing infrastructure in the American Jobs Plan, it is clear the Biden administration is not tinkering around the edges, but rather is investing at a scale not seen before, but absolutely necessary, to solve America’s housing crisis.

About the Council of Large Public Housing Authorities
The Council of Large Public Housing Authorities is a national non-profit organization that works to preserve and improve public and affordable housing through advocacy, research, policy analysis and public education. CLPHA’s 70 members represent virtually every major metropolitan area in the country. Together they manage 40 percent of the nation’s public housing program; administer more than a quarter of the Housing Choice Voucher program; and operate a wide array of other housing programs. Learn more at and on Twitter @CLPHA .


About CLPHA’s Housing Is Initiative
The Housing Is Initiative, led by the Council of Large Public Housing Authorities, helps build a future where sectors work together to improve life outcomes. Housing stability is a critical first step to improve life outcomes for low-income children, families, and seniors; CLPHA’s Housing Is Initiative is based on the premise that sectors can better meet needs when they work together. Housing Is establishes, broadens, and deepens efforts to align affordable housing, education, and health systems to produce positive, long-term results. Learn more at and on Twitter @housing_is.

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