Public Housing Authorities Better Serve Residents through Cross-Sector Approaches

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November 18th, 2021

 Public housing authorities know that providing stable housing is only the first step in helping families thrive. A comprehensive approach that combines health, education, and housing programs has shown to dramatically improve life outcomes for low-income families. Public housing authorities have been in the vanguard developing cross-sector initiatives for their residents, who represent extremely low-income and vulnerable populations.

A recent Housing Is Working Group meeting demonstrated how housing authorities are creating and executing initiatives that bridge sectors and build supportive programs for their residents. Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority is continuing to expand their Early Childhood Initiative efforts and funding sources—they are now officially a State of Ohio home visiting provider for their Parents As Teachers services. In their continued response to the pandemic, the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles is combining their broadband adoption program with digital literacy ambassadors, as well as working with their library and gym partners to extend their educational programming and supports. HACLA has won two awards as a result of all of their ConnectHome initiatives.

Minneapolis Public Housing Authority continues to work with the Highrise Health Alliance, a group of high-level county, PHA, and Medicare providers who come together to figure out how to share data, and work together to find health solutions for our residents. They are expanding a health commons at one of MPHA’s sites that links a nurse practitioner with residents. Their Stable Homes Stable Schools program was made a permanent part of the City of Minneapolis budget and continues to link elementary school families with stable housing. Jersey City Housing Authority had their first harvest of their indoor vertical farms in partnership with AeroFarms. The farm will serve about 50 families across two PHA sites as well as provide activities and vegetables to a Boys and Girls Club and HeadStart facility.

Initiatives like these and many more will be discussed at the nation’s preeminent cross-sector event – the Housing Is Summit on May 18 and 19, 2022. Registration is opens soon: learn more here.

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