PAHRC Releases its Housing Impact Report Featuring Employment Trends During the Pandemic

Date Published: 
December 15th, 2021

The Public and Affordable Housing Research Corporation (PAHRC) released its annual Housing Impact Report on employment trends of career-age families during the pandemic. Researchers found that in 2020, publicly supported homes improved the housing and financial security of 5.8 million career-age people who are between ages 18 and 61.

Like unassisted renters, the pandemic continues to affect the employment prospects of assisted renters, with 41% of able-bodied career-age assisted renters reporting that someone in their household experienced a loss of employment income between July 21 and September 13, 2021 (as reported in a four-week survey). The main reasons for unemployment reported were employer-initiated furloughs, layoffs, and temporary and permanent business closures.

Despite these employment challenges, researchers found that most of the career-age families that can work are working. Among the 43% of households living in publicly supported homes with at least one able-bodied career-age household member who are likely able to work, 83% reported that at least one household member was working or was recently working in March 2021.

PAHRC concludes its annual Housing Impact Report by featuring how many affordable housing providers have supplemented housing assistance with additional services to further support assisted renters experiencing insecurity caused by the pandemic.

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