North King County Enhanced Shelter Opens In Shoreline (King County Housing Authority)

Date Published: 
April 7th, 2021

From the City of Shoreline, WA's press release:

On April 1, Lake City Partners will begin providing services at the North King County Enhanced Shelter in Shoreline. Located in the former Oaks Nursing Home located at 16357 Aurora Avenue N, the Enhanced Shelter will provide 24/7 shelter services for up to 60 individuals when fully operational. The City of Shoreline and Lake City Partners (LCP) worked in partnership with King County and King County Housing Authority (KCHA) to quickly turn the former nursing home into an enhanced shelter to help address an unmet need for a 24/7 shelter in North King County.

Its prior use as a nursing home makes the facility particularly well suited to provide a safe housing option. Separate rooms are the best way to protect both residents and staff from spreading COVID or other airborne illness. In addition, individual rooms provide privacy and security for residents as they work to stabilize their health and find permanent housing.

An enhanced shelter is a particular type of emergency shelter that serves individuals seven days a week around the clock. It recognizes that individuals need to have safe and stable shelter to effectively address the challenges preventing long-term housing stability. Access to the shelter will be based on an individual’s ability to maintain behaviors that are safe in a community setting. The Shelter will also provide case management, meals, hygiene, health services, and laundry. Drug and alcohol use will not be allowed in the facility. Local first responders; social service agencies in Shoreline and North King County; and outreach staff employed by the program will refer individuals to the facility once it is fully operational.


“KCHA is delighted to partner with King County, the City of Shoreline and Lake City Partners on this critical project,” said Stephen Norman, Executive Director King County Housing Authority. “This is one of a number of efforts we are participating in across the county. It is more essential now than ever that safe shelter and an adequate supply of permanent affordable housing be available in our community.”

Read the City of Shoreline's press release.

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