Is an end coming in January for what housing advocates call legal discrimination in Charlotte? (INLIVIAN)

Date Published: 
December 1st, 2021

From WFAE 90.7 Charlotte:

After two years of work by Charlotte affordable housing advocates, a campaign to end discrimination against renters based on the source of their income should reach a climax in the next two months.

In 2019, a group of affordable housing organizations banded together to prevent landlords from denying housing to tenants who use government housing vouchers, disability payments, child support, veteran’s benefits, Social Security checks and other forms of income to help pay their rent.

In April 2021, the city named seven people to the new Source of Income Ad Hoc Advisory Committee to research the issue and make recommendations. The committee is supported by Pamela Wideman, Charlotte’s director of housing and neighborhood services, city attorneys and Inlivian, formerly known as the Charlotte Housing Authority


“The charge of this committee is to expand the use of rental subsidy, all forms of rental subsidies, in our community — certainly including the Housing Choice voucher,” Wideman told them. “You've heard from Inlivian, you've heard from several other of our voucher partners, if you will, about how they are using vouchers in this community.”


Lacking these protections, Charlotte renters with assistance or vouchers face long wait times for application acceptance, with some applying to dozens of housing units, and paying hundreds of dollars in nonrefundable fees without being accepted. Carter described the practice as a form of legal discrimination. Ninety-one percent of housing voucher recipients in Charlotte are unmarried Black mothers, Carter said.

“By saying ‘We don’t accept vouchers,’ that wipes out four protected classes all in one fell swoop,” he said.

Read WFAE's article "Is an end coming in January for what housing advocates call legal discrimination in Charlotte?," featuring INLIVIAN.

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