When 'access' is a trap: CLPHA highlights the potential perils of for-profit colleges

Date Published: 
February 13th, 2020

Can we protect public housing families from predatory for-profit colleges?

With used car-salesman like tactics, predatory for-profit college recruiters have pressured low-income students to enroll in courses and take out student loans without telling the whole story about the true cost of fees or future employment prospects. The end result? Crippling debt and unemployment for students already struggling to make ends meet. What’s worse? Some recruiters are aggressively marketing their for-profit programs to public housing residents.

That’s according to documentarian Alex Shebanow and attorney Alex Elson from the National Student Legal Defense Network who discussed these exploitative and predatory practices during a Februar 11 webinar presented by CLPHA’s Education Working Group.

With explanatory slides and video clips from Shebanow’s award winning documentary FAIL STATE, the webinar sheds light on the impact of bad actors from the for-profit college industry who have preyed on veterans, people with disabilities, and low-income communities.

Watch a recording of the webinar on HousingIs.org and register for the Housing Is Summit to meet director Alex Shebanow who will screen FAIL STATE for Summit attendees on April 30! Attendees will also have a chance to win a copy of the movie!


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