New apartments ready to help Tacoma students in need of affordable housing (Tacoma Housing Authority)

Date Published: 
February 19th, 2020

From The News Tribune:

Koz Development last year announced it was opening up its Koz on Market to help students find affordable housing.

This year, a second Koz property is launching another program to help more students struggling with finding a place in Tacoma they can afford.

Tacoma Housing Authority and Koz Development on Friday announced Koz at the Dome, 304 Puyallup Ave., has opened 64 of its 152 units to homeless and low-income students attending University Washington Tacoma or Tacoma Community College.

Additionally, the site can serve homeless unaccompanied Tacoma Public School (TPS) seniors 18 or older who are also enrolled at TCC or UWT.

Tacoma Public Schools “identified 53 unaccompanied homeless high school seniors this year,” according to the release.

The school system also has 750 McKinney Vento students — those covered by the federal education program of the same name to assist homeless children and youth.

“On any given night in Pierce County, over 1,000 youth and young adults are homeless without families,” THA said in its release. “Koz at the Dome will give these youth a roof over their head and a second chance at continuing their education.”

Read The News Tribune's article "New apartments ready to help Tacoma students in need of affordable housing," featuring the Tacoma Housing Authority.

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