Tyrone Roderick Williams sees redevelopment in Sacramento as still having a pulse (Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency)

Date Published: 
April 25th, 2019

From the Sacramento Business Journal:

When I note his accomplishments and compliment him on his professional journey, Tyrone Roderick Williams grins and says, “Well, if it’s been a journey, I’ve sort of taken the scenic route.” A heartbeat later: “But I will say I’ve managed to hit the major attractions.” I like him instantly.

Williams has been the director of development at the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency for the past five years. His enthusiasm is infectious: when our food arrives, he takes a few perfunctory picks at his salad and says, “I may as well get a box for this. I want to talk, not eat.” 

SHRA — a joint agency of the city and county of Sacramento — took a major hit in 2012 when then-Gov. Jerry Brown essentially ended redevelopment in California. There were thousands of layoffs throughout the state and many agencies simply closed up shop. “We had huge layoffs, too,” Williams says. “But thanks to the resourcefulness of LaShelle Dozier" — the longtime agency head who recruited Williams for his post — “we didn’t shut our doors.”

Read the  the Sacramento Business Journal's article "Tyrone Roderick Williams sees redevelopment in Sacramento as still having a pulse," featuring the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency. 

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