Pittsburgh’s housing authority helps families buy homes. Its homeownership program, explained (Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh)

Date Published: 
March 29th, 2019

From PublicSource:

In Pittsburgh, finding affordable housing can be difficult, whether you seek a room to rent or a place of your own. Owning your property can have substantial financial benefits — such as gaining equity through mortgage principal payments and tax deductions on interest payments. But saving enough money to cover the substantial upfront costs of buying a home is no small feat.

According to Zillow, the average price of a home in Pittsburgh is $150,500, and buyers must generally pay several thousand dollars in closing costs at the time of purchase — typically, out of pocket.

To ease cost burdens, the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh [HACP] created a Homeownership Program in 2004. HACP offers eligible low- and moderate-income households up to $8,000 in assistance toward closing costs and up to $52,000 in assistance through a second mortgage with no monthly payments. The mortgage can be forgiven entirely if the homeowner lives in the home for 10 years and stays in good standing with their primary loan payments. Participants can also get help from credit counselors and financial literacy classes through the program.

Read PublicSource's article “Pittsburgh’s housing authority helps families buy homes. Its homeownership program, explained,” featuring the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh. 

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