HUD PD&R Research Focuses on Landlord Participation in the HCV Program

Date Published: 
February 21st, 2019

The Winter 2019 issue of Evidence Matters, a publication from HUD’s office of Policy Development and Research, focuses on research regarding landlord acceptance of Housing Choice Vouchers, the efforts to increase participation in the HCV program, and the implications of landlord participation for the housing choices of voucher households.

The lead article, Landlords: Critical Participants in the Housing Choice Voucher Program,” provides a basic overview of the HCV program and the role that landlords play in it; examines the implications of voucher acceptance for assisted households; surveys existing research on landlord participation; and provides examples of the types of program and initiatives that HUD, PHAs, and local governments are pursuing to increase voucher acceptance. The Research Spotlight, “HUD-Sponsored Research Sheds New Light on HCV Landlords,” by Meena Bavan and Paul Joice, discusses the findings of two recent HUD-sponsored studies, “A Pilot Study of Landlord Acceptance of Housing Choice Vouchers,” and “Urban Landlords and the Housing Choice Voucher Program: A Research Report.” Finally, the In Practice article, “PHAs Encourage Landlord Participation With Incentives,” discusses initiatives at the Marin Housing Authority in Marin County, California, and at the Cambridge Housing Authority (a CLPHA member) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that offer financial benefits, education, and streamlined administrative processes to encourage landlords to lease to voucher holders.

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