Giving New Life to a Wall: Restoring a Civil Rights Mural at Astoria Houses (New York City Housing Authority)

Date Published: 
November 14th, 2019

From the New York City Housing Authority's NYCHANOW employee newsletter:

The community came together to breathe new life into a mural at the entrance of the senior center at Astoria Houses in Queens. The mural, which was created in 1981, depicts Martin Luther King Jr. delivering his monumental “I Have a Dream” speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Rosa Parks sitting peacefully but firmly at the front of a bus, Mahatma Gandhi meditating, marchers holding hands, as well as Reverend King lifting a young child while surrounded by his family.

But after 35 years of inspiring all who admired it, it had started to fade and crack. That was a call to action for City Council Member Costa Constantinides, whose district includes Astoria Houses. He discussed the matter with Astoria Houses Resident Association President Claudia Coger, and they teamed up with a local labor union to give the mural a new life.

Read "Giving New Life to a Wall: Restoring a Civil Rights Mural at Astoria Houses" in the NYCHANOW employee newsletter.

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