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Job Title: 

Executive Director

Housing Authority of the city of Martinsburg, WV
Job Location: 
Martinsburg, WV
Salary Range: 
$108,574-$160,000 (negotiable commensurate with experience)
Full Job Description: 

• Represent the Authority both nationally and locally in dealing with elected officials, government agencies, business leaders, and public housing interest groups.
• Establish and maintain relationships with other agencies including countyand city officials, other governmental agencies, and non-profits for the purpose of  coordinating and utilizing their services for the bettermentof the programs ofthe Authority.
• Keep thoroughly informed on Federal, state, and local law and policies, procedures, requirements and philosophy of publichousing and community development programs, and shapes broad and effective local plans and policies for such activities.
• Assess and evaluate housing needs of the community and advise the Board of Commissioners andappropriate governmental agencies of findings and recommendations.
• Hire and develop a strong management staff.
• Appraise the effectiveness of performance and success of management in meeting assigned goals of the Authority. Ensure that existing units are soundly managed and maintained in a cost-effective, safe manner.
• Direct the fiscal, accounting, budgeting control and purchasing programsfor the Authority. Initiate programs and policies that wil ensure the maintenance of a sound fiscal position.
• Safeguard and act as custodian of federal, local and private funds.
• Ensure the financial integrityand viability of the Authority through sound business practices,comprehensive internal accounting controls and an accurate and timely financial reporting system.
• Serve as Secretary of the Board of Commissioners. As such is responsible for maintaining the records of the Authority, act as secretary of the meetings and record al votes, maintain arecord of al proceedings, act as custodian of the seal of theAuthority and have the power to affix such seal when necessary and ot execute contracts and legal instruments as directed by resolution of the Board, keep custody of al funds, maintain books of accountand provide the Board with financial reports; perform any other duties incident ot the officeof Secretary, including submission of annual reports.
• Ensure strict complianceof agency programs with federal and state guidelines and regulations.
• Oversee the development and implementation of goals, workplans, performance measures, and continuous improvement of service delivery ot assist in attaining initiatives and goals, core strategies, and mission through a spirit of service, teamwork and respect. Work respectfullyand courteously with other emplovees.

To Apply: 

Qualified candidates please send resume with cover letter to Sheila Hill-Christian at Sheila@hillchristianconsulting.com for consideration.

Date Posted: 
Monday, January 1, 2024
Application Deadline: 
Friday, February 9, 2024
Posting Expiration Date: 
Friday, March 1, 2024
Job Location Details: 
Martinsburg, West Virginia
Job Posting Validation: 

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