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Job Title: 

Director of Housing Choice Voucher

Newark Housing Authority
Job Location: 
Newark, NJ
Salary Range: 
Maximum $115,000
Full Job Description: 



Under direction plans, organizes, directs, administers, monitors, and evaluates the HCV program; does other related duties as required.


  • Plans and organizes programs which provide rent subsidies to enable families with limited resources to live in housing that meets program rules.
  • Monitors and evaluates vendor contracted to manage the day to day operations of housing choice voucher programs to ensure goals and priorities are met.
  • Supervises staff assigned to assist in the implementation of a housing assistance program.
  • Prepares proposals and applications for continuation of funding of the housing assistance program.
  • Serves as liaison between federal and local government agencies pertaining to the housing assistance program.
  • Answers complaints and inquiries about the program.
  • Creates and maintains effective public relations with the general public, landlords, real estate associations, and other agencies and groups.
  • Prepares informational releases and promotional materials pertaining to the program.
  • Supervises the review of rent leases to determine their compliance with federally established fair market standards.
  • Supervises the processing and review of applications to determine eligibility. Prepares correspondence.
  • Prepares clear, accurate, informative reports containing findings, conclusions, and recommendations.
  • Serves as liaison with all organizations and individuals who are participants in a leased housing program.
  • Supervises and reviews renewal of leases as well as preparation of new leases.
  • Makes suggestions and recommendations if changes are to be made in leases.
  • Directs the review of applications to ascertain eligibility for the leased housing program (rent subsidy program).
  • Serves as liaison with governing bodies of municipalities concerning the housing assistance program.
  • Make field visits with staff members to inspect dwelling units leased by the authority.
  • Develops occupancy policy of local agency and/or housing sponsor subject to approval of higher levels of management, and recommends action for improvement or correction of deficiencies.
  • Reviews rent schedule for compliance with agency requirements.
  • Participates with management in review of housing assistance plans and programs, and makes recommendations as to feasibility and/or improvement of such plans and programs.
  • Directs work of employees who interview applicants regarding information given on their applications, and suggests ways to secure evidence that is missing on the applicant to verify eligibility information.
  • Directs work of employees who converse with applicants about social service needs using knowledge of available community resources for financial and social welfare assistance to provide applicant with referral information.
  • Provides information and guidance to supervisory or senior staff, and makes determinations concerning program eligibility requirements, application processing, and financial assistance regulations.
  • Manages work operations and/or functional programs, and has responsibility for employee evaluations and for effectively recommending the hiring, firing, promoting, demoting, and/or disciplining of employees.
  • Supervises the development and conducting of training programs for staff.
  • Supervises staff engaged in explaining to applicants or program participants (landlord, tenant, and so forth) the program purpose and agency requirements for eligibility, procedures for application or re-certification, and clarifying any questions applicant may have regarding the program (for example, probable rent payments and site preference) to inform applicant about eligibility and financial program assistance.
  • Plans and directs activities of staff who advise applicants on meeting their obligations under terms of the program (nonpayment) by listening and suggesting changes in problem behavior patterns, describing alternate sources of action, and the advantage of one course of action over another to help individuals achieve problem resolution.
  • Plans and directs activities of staff who review contract agreement between parties taking into account program requirements, tenant need, or government regulations to explain/discuss the individuals’ responsibilities in leasing, rental, or other legal agreement.
  • Plans and directs activities of staff who discuss terms of contract (lease agreement) to explain conditions relative to lessor-lessee obligations (for example, amount of rent, repair and maintenance of premises, and deposit).
  • Plans and directs activities of staff who authorize payment to client or program participant based on information contained in case file.
  • Plans and directs activities of staff who perform clerical work such as compiling listing of available rental properties, space, applicants, assistance program participants, and so forth.
  • Plans and directs activities of staff who provide tenants/landlords with information pertaining to landlord/tenant laws, rent regulation ordinances, and other regulations affecting their rights and obligations.
  • Plans and directs activities of staff who contact various sources to obtain verification of information provided by applicant/program participant.
  • Plans and directs activities of staff who determine applicant’s/participant’s eligibility for housing assistance, participation in program, and/or entitlement for financial aid.
  • Directs the review and analysis of data concerning area rental rates, turnover and vacancy rates, and so forth to provide superiors with recommendations for changes in operating procedures or program services.
  • Will be required to learn to utilize various types of electronic and/or manual recording and information systems used by the agency, office, or related units. Must be proficient in Microsoft: Word, Excel, Outlook, Access and PowerPoint.


Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration or related field. Eight (8) years of administrative experience involving the planning, organization, coordination, and control of a public housing, urban renewal, and real estate management program. Six (6) years of supervisory experience. Appointees will be required to possess a driver’s license valid in New Jersey only if the operation of a vehicle, rather than employee mobility, is necessary to perform essential duties of the position.

Note: Applicants who do not possess the required years of experience may complement with Advance degrees/Education.

To Apply: 

All persons interested in this position are requested to send a resume and cover letter to Human Resources Department, Newark Housing Authority, 500 Broad Street, 5th Floor, Newark, New Jersey 07102, via E-mail to jobs@newarkha.org, fax to 973-273-6350 or in person.                             

Date Posted: 
Thursday, December 7, 2023
Application Deadline: 
Sunday, December 31, 2023
Posting Expiration Date: 
Monday, February 5, 2024
Job Location Details: 
Newark, NJ
Job Posting Validation: 

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