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Job Title: 

Chief Executive Officer

National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials
Job Location: 
Washington, DC
Full Job Description: 

NAHRO is an association of 17,000 individual members and associates, 2,500 agency members (including housing authorities, CD departments, redevelopment agencies, affiliates, and complimentary memberships). NAHRO members own or administer: nearly 900,000 units of public housing (a vast majority of the nation's inventory), more than 1,600,000 units of tenant-based Section 8 housing, nearly 400,000 units of other assisted housing. In all, NAHRO's members provide housing for more than 7 million low-income people. NAHRO members bring more than $1.5 billion Community Development Block Grant and HOME funding to their communities.[A1] 

Position Summary

The position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) reports directly to the NAHRO Board of Governors, under the stewardship of the President and Senior Vice President, and the Steering Committee. The CEO is responsible to follow the mandates, resolutions, goals, and procedures established by the Board of Governors and largely interpreted through the NAHRO Constitution and resolved by and through the committee structures to the Steering Committee. Responsibilities also include the daily management of all operations of NAHRO through supervision, delegation, coordination, planning, and management of paid staff in the administrative sector of the association. The CEO, via contract, serves as the spokesperson, liaison, and coordinator with major stakeholders. This position is clearly an association executive and leader.

Behavior Analysis and Core Competencies

The ideal candidate for this position should embolden behavior characteristics largely in the Influencing Dimension, exhibiting optimism, leadership, charisma, friendly demeanor, strong conversationalist and a heightened sensitivity to the environment, association, and stakeholders. People in this dimension have a success-oriented drive, make strong and consistent relationships, are natural public speakers, have a cheerleading instinct to build enthusiasm and are very adaptable.

Core Competencies

Strategic Leader

  • Demonstrates the ability to effectively address short-term and long-term challenges by considering the full range of options by assessing the political, historical, social, economic, and technological forces.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • The ideal candidate will have a demonstrated commitment to and promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of the organization, internal and external. The practices should be evidences in hiring, leadership, and organizational policies.

Strong Interpersonal Skills

  • The ideal candidate commits to find ways to work with a vast array of people and organizations; and is not fearful of confronting tough situations in an open, collaborative, and positive way.


  • The ideal candidate works effectively with others at all levels within leadership and the association; building a viable resource network of talents and skills and realizes the importance of successful working relationships.

Well Developed Listener

  • Understands the practices and skills required to actively listen and process; listens for understanding and interpretation before response or reply.
  • Develops methods and attitude toward non-judgmental evaluation and replies with appropriate sensitivity and/or professional courtesy.

Skilled Communicator

  • The successful candidate will be a gifted communicator, able to clearly and impactfully articulate NAHRO’s goals and strategies at the federal, regional, state, and local levels.  They will be able to distill complex policy and business concepts, and develop and advance approaches which engage, motivate, and excite members, public officials, key stakeholders, and the media.

Delegate Appropriately

  • Uses staff and their natural talents to build and empower the work team. Builds trust and respect within the team to delegate clearly and appropriately for successful outcomes and outputs. Defines the boundaries and limits of delegation and seeks to expand them through employee professional growth.

Rapport Builder

  • The ideal candidate values and believes in customer and stakeholder relations and nurtures those relationships using the internal talent pool. Successful candidate embraces the importance of communication, honesty, integrity, responsiveness, and relevance of each partnership, including staff, members, partners, and stakeholders.

Integrity Focused

  • Understands and believes that the decisions, goals, and management practices are embraced, valued, appreciated, and supported by all the partners and stakeholders. All communication, interaction and decisions are supported ethically and socially by the association and leaders. Keen insight on the reputation and value of the association are foremost and never compromised.

Creative Thinker

  • The ideal candidate empowers the staff and association to generate ideas and concepts to support the goals of the organization. Creativity must be valued, especially during crises and difficult situations with large associations; and the creative environment must be generated and motivated by this position.

Passion for the Industry

  • The ideal candidate understands and is excited about the critical role housing and community development agencies play in their communities to serve the most vulnerable; they are committed to developing policy and programmatic expertise, and to the creative and effective advocacy of our industry’s work and values.

General Tasks and Responsibilities

Reports to the NAHRO Board of Governors

  • Receives communication of tasks and goals and acts upon them in a genuine and decisive manner.
  • Makes recommendations on objectives and work plans.
  • Reports to Board of Governors on completion of assigned tasks and goals and accomplishing the agreed-to strategic plan.
  • Works with the Board of Governors on meeting planning and communication.
  • Communicates with the Board of Governors regarding the association, partners, and stakeholders.
  • Provides open and transparent financial reports and audits, and immediately communicates any financial or fiduciary issues to the Board of Governors.
  • Serves as Secretary and Treasurer of NAHRO and Transpire.

Program and Service Delivery to the Association

  • Responsible for the daily management of the association, including communicating with members, fulfilling membership solicitation, retention and growth, customer service provision, billing, and all other related services to members as part of their association dues.
  • Responsible for the provision of agreed upon Conference and/or Exhibit annually, ensuring quality events, accommodations, facilities, programs, speakers, and trade shows.
  • Responsible for the provision of agreed upon Professional Development services and programs; ensuring quality on site and online experiences, faculty members with talent, knowledge, and integrity; and relevant curriculum and materials.
  • Responsible for creative, effective, and reliable advocacy services to the membership utilizing innovative methods and means; build strong, respected, and viable relationships with HUD, Congress, and similar member organizations. Supports research and analysis within the team and encourages development of policy as an outcome.
  • Responsible to continue the efforts to build strong international relationships, memorandums, and research/exchange visits with other nations. Strive to enable NAHRO to become an integral and viable international agency.
  • Responsible for dynamic and relevant publications and social media options, including the NAHRO website, as a communication vehicle to Association members.
  • Responsible for ensuring that NAHRO is the “go to” entity for professionals in the  industry for up to date, accurate and reliable information, and place NAHRO as top of mind for legislative and regulatory policy makers.

Financial and Fiscal Administration

  • Accountable for the Association’s financial performance; ensuring that an effective system for operations, planning and control are utilized and analyzed consistently.
  • Responsible for compliance with all legal and performance obligations being met via any and all financial contracts minimizing risk.
  • Recommends budgetary or financial plans, including annual budgets, development budgets or financial outlays for crises or unforeseen issues.
  • Complete and transparent financial reporting to the Budget & Administration Committee (or their designees) monthly, to the Board of Governors at every scheduled meeting, and upon request.
  • Assures a complete, open, and transparent financial audit annually with a full report to the Board of Governors timely.
  • Creates new and innovative avenues for revenue generation; consistently seeking methods to grow and enhance the Association through entrepreneurial leadership.

Human Resource Management

  • Responsible for ensuring appropriate use, interpretation, and stewardship of the approved Personnel Policy for NAHRO.
  • Responsible to create a logical and viable organizational structure that identifies clear levels of authority and responsibility, builds capacity, and clearly defines the succession plan and opportunities for the association.
  • Responsible for the accurate employment hiring, disciplinary and termination policies in accordance with policy and law; mitigating all issues that arise to protect the association.
  • Provide clear direction, delegation, and control for the staff daily, creating a productive environment of talented and enthusiastic employees thriving in a high performing environment.
  • Creates avenues for career growth, training, certification and expansion of staff talents and skills to benefit the Association.

Governance and Member Relations

  • Perpetuates and empowers the democratic process and functions of the Association; understands the Board of Governors finality.
  • Assists the Association and leadership to understand and interpret the NAHRO Constitution; understands the committee and leadership structures, decision making authority and cooperates fully.
  • Communicates with members of the association the importance of the leadership  structure and encourages greater participation as the spokesperson for the Association.

Communication and Information

  • Responsible through the Board of Governor’s direction to provide members with up-to-date and accurate information pertinent to the decisions and goals of the Association.
  • Provide members with relevant advocacy, training, conference, and membership information consistently.
  • Manages media relations of the Association.
  • Supports the Association’s policies, procedures, goals, and direction and understands that this position represents the Board and Association publicly.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree required; master’s degree preferred. 
  • May substitute equivalent work experience for the required degree.
  • Executive management experience of  7 – 10 years  in association management or Public Housing Industry.
  • Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation a plus.


To Apply: 

If you are interested in this exceptional opportunity, please submit a detailed resume immediately to:

Ernest Barefield

Email: ernest@gansgans.com

Phone: (813) 986-4441 ext. 7127 | Fax: (813) 986-4775

Should you have any questions in consideration of your own interest, or a referral of a colleague, please contact us at the number or email above

Date Posted: 
Wednesday, September 1, 2021
Application Deadline: 
Thursday, September 30, 2021
Posting Expiration Date: 
Sunday, October 31, 2021

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