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Job Title: 

Director Asset Management

Job Location: 
Houston, TX
Full Job Description: 




Travel Involved:11-20%


Employment Status:Full-Time




Responsible for the direct oversight of all aspects of administrative, financial, capital and operations of a broad portfolio of affordable housing assets consisting of Public Housing, Project-Based Assistance, Low-Income Housing Tax Credits and Rental Assistance Demonstration programs.  Serves as a catalyst in leading the agency’s multi-family Asset Management team, to ensure superior performance that capitalizes on opportunities and maximizes results. Reports to the Deputy Director, Public Housing.



• Directly manage all asset management components for a portfolio that is   fully and/or partially owned by the Houston Housing Authority and its’ private/public subsidiaries to ensure relentlessly pursuit in achieving key benchmarks including but not limited to:  full occupancy, collection of rents and fees, compliant admissions, timely unit turnaround, timely completion of maintenance work orders, optimal tenant satisfaction, achievement of quality standards, conducting timely annual/housekeeping inspections, enforcing community services requirements, minimal PIC errors, income verification, adequate curb appeal, financial stability, lease compliance & enforcements, inventory/unit management, procurement, compliant operations, tenant satisfaction, timely reporting & tax filings, etc. 

• Review and analyze monthly performance/financials and variance reports to ensure key benchmarks (agency goals, site/project objectives, pro-forma metrics, budgets and market comparable) are achieved, along with making recommendations for resolving potential challenges.  

• Establish and monitor work-flow processes for Asset Management to promote efficient and effective operations that surpasses performance standards and complies with regulatory requirements.

• Collaborate with other agency departments in managing insurance policies acquired by the HHA and/or management agents, for all sites. Duties shall include but not limited to; confirming adequate coverage, renewals, coordinating the filing of claims and reporting.

• Collaborate with other agency departments in establishing and monitoring risk management processes that protects assets from the probability and/or negative impact of unfortunate occurrences.

• Collaborate with Finance in evaluating all real estate for net income and expenses, as well as property taxes. Conduct periodic analysis and pursue   the filing of exemptions, appeals and/or adjustments as deemed appropriate.  

• Perform periodic on-site visits to conduct property inspections and/or compliance reviews, to confirm information previously reported by staff and/or management agents. 

• Serve as an active contributing member of Public Housing’s Leadership team that builds cohesiveness, shares information, resolves challenges, creates best practices and shapes platform initiatives. 

• Maintain open and effective lines of communication with numerous stakeholders (management agents, partners, investors, funders/lenders, etc.) regarding asset management performance, compliance, financial stability and/or investment-related matters. 

• Review and monitor compliance with all applicable Asset Management documents in accordance to partnership agreements, management Agreements, Regulatory Agreements, Land Use Restrictive Agreements (LURA), Admission Continued Occupancy Plan (ACOP), Annual Contribution Contracts, Loan Documents, Standard Operating Procedures, Regulatory  Compliance Contracts, Service Contracts, etc. 

• Consult Asset Management team and Management Agents on the preparation of monthly financial reports and annual site budgets, with input from the agency’s Finance Department. 

• Collaborates with other agency departments to assist in formulating funding plans, pro-formas, budget projections and management practices for new real estate developments.

• Collaborate with the agency’s Purchasing Department in preparing necessary documents to procure new management agents, which also includes serving as Chair of the Evaluation Committee.  

• Regularly monitor amendments in market/industry standards and make recommendations if administrative  changes are necessary for modifying property rents, fees, utility allowances, permits, polices/procedures , etc. 

• Manage lease agreements for non-residential space at the sites, including coordinating procurement, drafting terms, lease compliance and renewals.

• Responsible for interviewing, selecting, supervising and evaluating Asset Management personnel, including the scheduling of professional development opportunities. Supervision is defined as directly overseeing major decisions and actions of subordinates to enhance their capacity to achieve portfolio objectives, work plans and performance benchmarks.

• Conduct regular schedule meetings/trainings to ensure subordinates and management contractors are properly informed about the desired expectations and benchmarks. 

• Maintain working relationships with community partners, resident council leaders which may require attendance at meetings scheduled during non-business hours. 

• Collaborate with the Director of Security on addressing safety issues at the sites, along with determining how asset management can be utilized to maximize the protection of human and building assets.   

• Collaborate with the Director of Client Services to identify opportunities to integrate asset management in the promotion of tenant education, lease compliance, workforce development and special events.

• Stay abreast of all federal, State, local and/or industry-related regulations impacting asset management, affordable housing programs, tenant rights, etc. 

• Review and approve the use of operational funds for agency staff and management agent’s procurement of goods and services that are deemed as small, routine, non-routine, capital and emergencies. All capital-funded purchases shall be processed in collaboration with the agency’s REID Department.

• Develop and implement Disaster Plans that is structured approach with instructions for the agency and/or management agents to properly respond to unplanned incidents related to extreme inclement weather, fire, power outages, terrorism and/or community disturbances.  

• Review and monitor tenant charges applied to tenant statements for accuracy; along with ensuring timely distribution of the statements at public housing sites.

• Collaborate with the Energy Manager in monitoring regulations impacting utility allowances and the management of utility(ies) at master-metered, public housing sites. Related tasks include but are not limited to: procuring meter-reading contractor, confirming accurate meter readings, charges for excessive utility fees, adjusting errors, etc.

• Address and resolve problems that negatively could impact the performance of asset management by analyzing the issue(s), creating solution(s), implementing corrective measures, evaluating projected outcomes and make necessary adjustments.

• Review, analyze, and collaborate with the REID Department on managing   capital improvements and use of funds processed by management agents.

• Conduct frequent compliance reviews of data recorded in primary management software systems (Elite & PIC) to ensure accuracy and validity. The reviews shall also include software systems that are not provided by the agency and utilized by management agents.

• Conduct quarterly asset management reviews to analysis administrative and financial performance for agency leadership, management agents, investors and/or other stakeholders.  

• Collaborate with other agency departments in developing and modifying policies, procedures and notices that are required to comply with Federal, State and local requirements.  

• Develop strategic plans and assessments for positioning Asset Management in addressing long-term goals and emerging needs.

• Review and approve all asset management reports that are prepared for internal and external purposes to ensure accuracy.

• Prepare statistical data, narratives, correspondences and/or presentations to properly convey matters pertaining to asset management.

• Serve as the liaison with other agency departments (IT, 

Policy, Human Resources, Legal, Finance, REID, Purchasing, etc.) to address matters pertaining to Asset Management. 

• Participate in agency-sponsored trainings and staff meetings, which may include occasional local and out-of-state travel.

• Performs other duties as required.



• Demonstrate considerable independence, evaluative thinking, written and oral 

           communication skills, and operational, leadership and strategic planning skills.

• Thorough knowledge of modern principles and practices of asset/property     


• Thorough knowledge of federal regulations, State laws and city ordinances governing 

           public and other subsidized housing programs, including but not limited to health  

           and fire regulations, landlord-tenant relationships, leasing of property, eviction, 

           community safety and empowerment programs.

• Thorough knowledge of and a sympathetic understanding of principles underlying   

           the Federal public housing law.

• Ability to plan and supervise the work of others, while building cohesiveness.

• Knowledgeable of municipal and county governments that are related to public 

           housing and tax-credit communities. 

• Initiative in the solution of complex and involved asset and property management 


• Must have excellent professional judgement.

• Have to capacity to provide support to staff and assistance in training

• Computer knowledge and office skills.

• Thorough knowledge of coaching and how to work with employees to motivate and empower them to succeed professionally.

• Ability to initiate and coordinate service delivery and follow-up services.

• Experience communicating and working successfully with people from a broad range of        

           socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.  

• Ability to prepare, present and communicate ideas in a clear, concise and effective manner, both orally and in writing. 

• Ability to develop and implement effective administration and operational procedures.

• Ability to serve as a team-leader. 

• Ability to address the public and present information in a clear, concise and convincing manner.

• Ability to deal effectively with situations that require tact and diplomacy, yet firmness.

• Ability to establish and maintain effective and courteous working relationships with other  employees, residents, and community agencies and other activities that provide services.




• Work performed by the employee ranges from routine, to complex, to unusual tasks.  

• The employee identifies work that needs to be done, prioritizes, coordinates efforts and performs the tasks.  

• Occasionally, the employee must make decisions regarding unusual or sensitive situations and must develop new and innovate solutions. 

• The employee's work affects other employees and residents throughout the housing developments and affordable housing communities.

• Performing work tasks effectively, efficiently and with compassion enhances relationships between residents and the Houston Housing Authority, provides long-term benefits in management of the Houston Housing Authority housing



• The employee follows regulations and guidelines issued by HUD regarding Public 

Housing, Project Based Assistance, Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and Rental Assistance Demonstration that are applicable Houston Housing Authority policies and procedures.

• The employee acts under the direction of the Vice President and/or Deputy Director in 

making decisions about the best course of action.  Situations where there are no guidelines, the employee may adapt existing Guidelines, develop new guidelines, make a decision based on the circumstances, or seek guidance from the supervisor.



• Generally, assignments and instructions come from the Vice President and/or Deputy Director and are broad, though there are intermittent occasions when the employee receives specific instructions.  

• The employee initiates and performs routine activities without supervisory direction. 

• Problems or situations that arise and are not covered by instructions are either dealt with independently, or in consultation with the Vice President and/or Deputy Director.  

• The employee's work is reviewed regularly for adherence to policies and the attainment of objectives.



• The employee's contacts are primarily with management agents, investors, partners, 

funders, employees, residents and other agencies.   The purpose of such contacts is to 

foster positive and open communication between  the Houston Housing Authority and all stakeholders



• The employee's work is performed both indoors and outdoors, and involves numerous visits to housing developments, residents' homes, the offices of other agencies/partners, community centers and meeting halls.  

• The employee may drive lightweight vehicles, and may be required to push, pull and/or lift objects weighing up to and more than 25 pounds, such as boxes of canned food, tables, or a resident who must be helped into and out of a vehicle.  

• The employee will be required to work unusual hours, along with being on-call during non-business hours.

• The employee may be exposed to weather extremes and to the usual hazards associated with housing developments.




• Bachelor degree in Real Estate Development, Business Administration, Finance or related fields, is preferred.

• A minimum of ten (10) years’ of hands-on experience in one or more of the following disciplines: Asset Management, Acquisitions, Underwriting or Property Management, along with an additional five (5) years of managerial experience in supervising an asset management department or division.

• Demonstrate a broad understanding of operational and investment fundamentals of institutional real estate. 

• Certification in Certified Property Manager (CPM), Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP) or Public Housing Manager’s designation, preferred. 

• Bondable.

• Valid Texas driver's license. 

• Eligibility for Houston Housing Authority fleet auto insurance.

Date Posted: 
Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Application Deadline: 
Sunday, June 30, 2019
Posting Expiration Date: 
Sunday, June 23, 2019

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