As sequestration—coupled with general appropriations cuts over the past few years—continues to have devastating impacts on low-income housing providers and vulnerable families in need of rental assistance, housing authorities across the country are indeed "keeping up the drumbeat" to make these impacts known.

Over the past several months, more than 170 housing authorities in 41 states have been featured in print, digital, and broadcast media; issued press releases; and posted notices on their websites. The consequences are still unfolding, but each day adds more details to the grim picture of what sequestration means for their residents, employees, partners, and communities. CLPHA has been tracking this coverage, and is currently working on the map below to help collect and visualize these stories. (We are in the process of updating the categories, and so the filters on categories of impacts are not yet complete.)

You can also view a text document that summarizes the coverage of CLPHA members and lists the media coverage of all other housing authorities: The Impact of Sequestration on Housing Authorities: News Coverage and Public Statements.

If you know of any media stories or public reports from housing authorities that have not been included in the map or text document, please share them with CLPHA Communications Manager Ari Romney.