Building Opportunity: Improving Life Outcomes Through Housing

At the heart of every housing authority’s mission is improving the lives of the families and individuals they serve. For many housing authorities, this means coordinating with the education, workforce development, health care, transportation, and social services systems on the local level to provide supports and opportunities to residents.

Yet, innovative practice on the local level has not led to the broad-scale change that is needed to lift more than 43 million Americans out of poverty. Thus, CLPHA’s members—some of the largest and most forward-thinking housing authorities in the country—have committed to an effort to reshape the way that the housing system works with other systems at the federal level.

This effort, called “Building Opportunity” for short, will employ three strategies to create that systems change. With interested practitioners, researchers, and policymakers, CLPHA will:

  • Develop knowledge about the challenges local practitioners face when attempting to partner with other systems and about the solutions that have been developed to address these challenges; 
  • Share successful practices and solutions to challenges with practitioners across sectors so that partnering between systems will become the norm rather than the exception; and 
  • Promote the implementation of policies that align systems to federal policymakers, based upon the new knowledge developed and the widespread practice change created. 

Local practitioners across sectors already know from experience that when systems work together, outcomes for families and individuals living in poverty are improved.

Beyond Housing

Learn more about how housing authorities are working with other systems by clicking on the categories below and by viewing profiles that showcase the innovations of individual CLPHA members:

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Get Involved

To learn how to be part of Building Opportunity, contact CLPHA Sr. Program & Policy Manager Abra Lyons-Warren.