House Appropriations Full Committee Passes THUD Bill

On June 19, the House Appropriations Full Committee marked up and passed its Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Related Agencies (THUD) bill, H.R. 5972.  The bill was passed with a manager’s amendment containing largely technical changes as well as two Department of Transportation amendments.  There were no substantive changes to the HUD portion of the bill, though three amendments were offered and either failed or were withdrawn.

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HUD Issues Notice on CY13 Public Housing Operating Subsidy Eligibility Calculations

On June 22, HUD issued PIH Notice 2012-30, to provide housing authorities with instructions for the calculation of operating subsidy eligibility for CY13.  On June 18, HUD also circulated an email with an attached document further explaining changes related to the categorization of unit months on the HUD-52723 form.

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The Long Lens: Strategic Planning Roundtable

In the first session at the CLPHA Summer Meeting, housing authority leaders from El Paso, Seattle, New York, and Chicago shared how they have developed (or are currently developing) and are implementing strategic plans.  These housing authorities are in varying stages of the strategic planning process, and are continuing to adapt their cultures and change the way they do business as they plan for the future. CLPHA members heard about their fellow agencies’ efforts to streamline processes, redevelop the ways in which they engage stakeholders and partners, and position themselves in the context of their respective cities’ larger economic development plans.

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New Ways to Connect Housing and Services: Sponsor-based Housing

For several years, housing authorities and their local stakeholders have been partnering to address the needs of “hard to house” populations—those who are very unlikely to succeed with a tenant-based voucher.  A number of “sponsor-based housing” models have developed, primarily at Moving-to-Work agencies or with the use of local funds.  Building on those models, the President’s FY2013 budget had proposed expanding authority for sponsor-basing more broadly, which CLPHA supported.  On June 14, housing authorities convened to discuss the various models that they have been using and what elements of an expansion would be attractive, useful, and workable.

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Partnerships: RAD Investment Roundtable

The CLPHA Summer Membership meeting included a session with private lenders and syndicators to discuss various ways to implement the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD).  The session developed as part of an ongoing lenders forum on RAD implementation that CLPHA has initiated with syndicators from the National Equity Fund (NEF), Enterprise Community Investment, and Alliant Capital, as well as with FHA lenders from AGM Financial Services and CW Capital. 

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CLPHA Members Hear from Congressional Committee Staff

Congressional staff from both the authorizing and appropriations committees addressed CLPHA members on Friday, June 15.  The panel included:

  • Meredith Connelly, Professional Staff, House Financial Services Committee
  • Michael Friedberg, Professional Staff, House Appropriations Committee
  • Meaghan McCarthy, Professional Staff, Senate Appropriations Committee
  • Michael Passante, Professional Staff, Senate Banking Committee
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CLPHA Members Get Updates from HUD Staff

The CLPHA Summer Meeting concluded with a question and answer session with HUD personnel: Dominique Blom, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Housing Investments; Patrick Costigan, Senior Advisor to the Secretary; Dr. Deb Gross, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy, Programs, and Legislative Initiatives; Milan Ozdinec, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Housing and Voucher Programs; and David Vargas, Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Real Estate Assessment Center. 

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HAI Group Seeks Feedback on Developing a Public Housing Software Solution

In May 2011, CLPHA and HAI Group executed a Memorandum of Understanding to support developing a better software solution for the public housing industry, through HAI Group’s new subsidiary, Housing Systems Solutions (HSS).  HSS’s goal is to provide a comprehensive software solution that supports the compliance and operational needs of all major federal programs through the entire process, from waitlist, eligibility, and property management, through to the financials.  By hosting this software in the ‘cloud’, HSS also ultimately has the opportunity to provide you insight into metrics and trends, on both operations and outcomes, for the industry as a whole.

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HUD to Conduct Survey of All PHAs on Homelessness

During the summer of 2012, HUD is conducting a web-based census as part of a national study to explore and document how PHAs currently serve and interact with homeless households.  In June, PHAs across the country will receive an email from HUD with a link to the web-based survey.  The purpose of the study is to understand more about the challenges PHAs face in serving households experiencing homelessness.  HUD hopes to learn more about promising practices of PHAs that have an explicit preference for homeless households in order to share that information with the field.  Finally, HUD is interested in understanding the needs of PHAs so that they can better serve this population. Read More >

CLPHA Member News

News from Philadelphia, Cincinnati, D.C. Denver, New York, King County, and Milwaukee.

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