FY 2011 Appropriations Resolved

Impact on Housing Programs for the Remainder of the Funding Year

The bill to fund the federal government for the remainder of FY11, H.R. 1473, titled “Department of Defense and Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011,” yesterday passed the House (260 yeas -167 nays) and the Senate (81 yeas -19 nays). This clears the measure for the President’s signature before midnight tonight, April 15, when the current continuing resolution (CR) expires.  Overall, while H.R. 1473 does not have the extreme impact on most housing programs as H.R. 1 (the earlier House-passed CR which died in the Senate) would have, some programs will be relatively unscathed this year, while others face debilitating cuts. 

H.R. 1473 reflects how housing priorities shape upcoming budget battles.  The bill provides funding for current operating subsidies and housing assistance payments under the Public Housing Operating Fund, Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) renewals and Project-based Rental Assistance (PBRA), but it makes significant cuts to the Public Housing Capital Fund and HCV Administrative Fee funding that is necessary for preserving and operating the programs.  While HOPE VI is cut in half, the bill preserves HUD’s ability to use most of the funding for the yet-unauthorized Choice Neighborhoods Initiative.  Funding for tenant protection and incremental vouchers under the VASH program remain mostly intact with some cuts imposed, but community development funding takes a major hit.

H.R. 1473 is technically a continuation of appropriations acts for fiscal year 2010—with the controlling legislation for housing programs derived from Public Law 111-117, “Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2010.”  Division B is the section of H.R. 1473 containing the full-year funding.  According to the legislation, “[e]xcept as otherwise expressly provided in this division, the requirements, authorities, conditions, limitations, and other provisions of the appropriations Acts…shall continue in effect through…September 30, 2011.” In other words, the appropriations bill from FY10 (summary available here) is in effect for the remainder of FY11 except as modified by H.R. 1473.

In addition to an across-the-board rescission of 0.2 percent for all non-defense programs in H.R. 1473, the following is a further analysis and review of budget funding reductions for public and assisted housing programs of interest to CLPHA members:

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