HUD Announces Eligibility Changes to Operating Fund Formula

Earlier this month, HUD announced its Calendar Year (CY) 2010 operating fund inflation factors, initial calculation of eligibility and proration, and the initial obligation. HUD estimates a CY 2010 eligibility of $4.750 billion.

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CLPHA Comments on Choice Neighborhoods

While very supportive of the underlying concept --  place-based policies that build on  HOPE VI  --  CLPHA has concerns about some aspects of the bill.

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HUD Reinstates PHAS Management Review

On November 9, 2009, HUD announced plans to reinstate the Management Operations component of the Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) and to resume PHAS scoring using the current PHAS rule.  CLPHA believes this is because the agency has not finalized a proposed rule conforming PHAS to asset management rule, nor did the department extend the transition year guidance.

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HUD Seeks Feedback on FY10-FY15 Strategic Plan

Last  month, HUD held eight regional feedback sessions on its draft FY10-FY15 strategic plan, which HUD is expected to submit to the Office of Management and Budget for review on December 21. CLPHA Executive Director Sunia Zaterman participated in the Washington D. C. session where Deputy Secretary Ron Sims and his staff reviewed the agency’s mission and vision statements and sought input on formulating goals and sub-goals.

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Proposed Public Housing Mortgage Program Notice Finally Published

 HUD has issued a proposed notice that will formalize the PHMP, a program that has been used only six times since 2005 on a case-by-case basis, despite being authorized by Congress in the 1998 QWHRA Act.

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Congratulations, Adrianne Todman

CLPHA congratulates Adrianne Todman, who has been serving as Interim Executive since Michael Kelly left for NYCHA.

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CLPHA PARTNERS YouthBuild: The Green Opportunity for PHAs By Carlos Martin, YouthBuild

The Recovery Act added significant new funds to housing authority capital funds, but the opportunity these resources bring also remind us of old obligations (to Section 3 workforce and business requirements) and new commitments (to energy efficiency and green building). Fortunately, most housing authorities can satisfy both needs with one solution: your local YouthBuild programs.

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The Internet & eHealth: The Future of Information, Communication & Healthcare for PHA Senior Citizen

CommunityVine is a new non-profit whose sole focus is bringing broadband access and personal computers to seniors in affordable housing. We use a combination of federal and state grants, foundation funding, individual donations, and fee-based services, and our very interested in working with public housing authorities to reach residents.  In addition to the communication and resource benefits of internet access, CommunityVine wants low income seniors to be able to take advantage of emerging E-health applications once they are recognized by Medicaid and Medicare.

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About the CLPHA Report

CLPHA Report is published biweekly when Congress is in session. CLPHA is a national nonprofit organization representing the largest public housing authorities in the nation. Committed to sustainable public housing, it provides a forum for developing and promoting innovative and effective approaches in housing development and management. CLPHA develops and analyzes policies that impact the public housing community, researches key trends, and advocates for legislative and regulatory reforms that promote the continued transformation of public housing.

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