Media Room

CLPHA's website provides access to a number of resources related to the affordable housing community.


Newsletters: The CLPHA Report is an electronic newsletter that covers issues of importance to the affordable housing community.
Members Making News: CLPHA members, among the largest and most innovative in the country, are generative news in their communities. CLPHA collects some of these stories each month.
Annual Publications: CLPHA produces annual reports highlighting the work of our members and focusing on the ways in which housing authorities are strengthening neighborhoods and improving lives.
Issue Briefs: CLPHA's issue briefs provide concise explanations of important policy and program areas, along with CLPHA's concerns and recommendations for addressing particular challenges in each.

Additional Resources

Congressional Testimony: CLPHA's members are regularly invited to testify before the House and Senate during hearings that address affordable housing issues.
Jobs & RFPs: CLPHA receives and posts notices of job vacancies in the affordable housing field.

Interviews and Speakers

CLPHA leadership can speak on a range of public housing issues. For more information, please contact CLPHA at  or 202.638.1300.