Interim Director of Asset Management

Announcement Number 2018-1

June 6, 2018

Area of Consideration:  Open Until Filled


DHC is seeking to enter an Employment Agreement with an Interim Director of Asset Management while it continues its search for a new Executive Director.  The Interim Director of Asset Management position will be for up to 1 year. 


Local candidate preferred as DHC will not pay moving expense.


The Detroit Housing Commission is posting the following (1) one position(s).  Find below an abbreviated position summary; knowledge, skills, and abilities and position qualifications.







General Summary


This is a senior level position whose purpose is to oversee the operation of approximately 4,000 public housing units, overseeing the technical and administrative functions of management, maintenance and modernization activities and contract administration services for privately managed developments.  The position is responsible for strategic planning/goal setting, planning and coordination of crime prevention and security programs in all developments and facilities, and development and implementation of strategies to preserve and enhance the value and condition of all properties, as well as directing, overseeing, and assessing the performance of application processing, property leasing and management, maintenance of properties, construction projects, fleet management and maintenance.  This position also is responsible for establishing and maintaining appropriate policies and procedures necessary to implement the DHC asset management programs and functions to effectively ensure that federal, local and DHC regulations and performance goals are met or exceeded.  Work also involves developing and maintaining standards of performance for property operations, property conditions, safety and security, and financial performance and evaluating accomplishments through the review of recurring and special reports.  The Director of Asset Management exercises considerable independent judgment and initiative in performing the duties of the position and must exercise tact and courtesy in contact with federal, state, and local officials, consultants, housing agencies, residents and the general public.


Supervisory Responsibilities


The incumbent is responsible for the oversight, management and supervision of all Detroit Housing Commission developments including the activities for Modernization, Asset Management, Maintenance, Occupancy, and Resident Services, through intermediate managers and private management companies.


Essential Job Functions


1.         Property Operations


a.         Establish performance measures for each asset to ensure performance consistent with Authority operational objectives and applicable HUD requirements

b.         Develop and implement comprehensive, annual business/management plan for each asset to (1) maximize income, and (2) preserve/create asset value.  This plan should include a hold/sell analysis, annual operating and capital improvement budget, market analysis, valuation of the asset, and marketing plan.

c.         Review and analyze all property activity, income, expenses, and operating characteristics against established goals and objectives

d.         Monitor all capital expenditures under delegated authority

e.         Assist in asset sales, including marketing, negotiations, document review and closings

f.          Administer Property Management Contracts to ensure that contract terms are met

g.         Ensure that approved property business/management plans are appropriately implemented

h.         Conduct property inspections and performs sample compliance audits to ensure operations in accordance with applicable regulations and policies

i.           Initiate and participates in the procurement of management, construction, materials and supplies essential to the effective operation of the properties and preservation of the assets

j.           Prepare and submit accurate and timely status reports to the Director of Operations in the prescribed format

k.         Ensure that all property operations are carried out in a manner consistent with applicable Authority policies and procedures, HUD regulations, federal, state and local laws, and all Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity requirements.


2.         Capital Improvements


a.         Perform strategic facility analysis to determine the most appropriate treatment to achieve highest and best use of the real asset and to maximize income and value

b.         Oversee the development of plans for the modernization of real estate assets in accordance with applicable HUD guidelines and based on the assessed needs

c.         Assist with the development of funding applications and proposals to acquire the financial resources necessary to carry out modernization and strategic facility decisions

d.         Monitor the performance of capital improvement contracts to ensure timely and budget-compliant physical improvements in accordance with the terms of the contracts

e.         Monitor the construction and leasing progress of new projects


3.         Supervision - Through meetings, guidance, technical assistance, training, monitoring, motivation and supervision of Asset Management and Property Management personnel, ensure that:


    1. Property-specific management plans are developed in a timely manner and are designed to achieve appropriate property management objectives
    2. Units are leased in a timely manner and that required occupancy levels are maintained
    3. Tenant reexaminations are conducted in accordance with guidelines
    4. Management records are properly maintained
    5. All rent and other charges are properly charged and collected
    6. Property-specific operating budgets are produced in timely manner and accurately reflect the applicable operating parameters
    7. Physical conditions of the properties are consistent with established standards
    8. Courteous, professional, and effective relationships with residents and resident organizations are maintained
    9. Non-compliance with the lease is addressed timely and effectively
    10. Site-based maintenance services are delivered in a timely and effective manner
    11. Operational deficiencies are diagnosed and corrected in a timely manner
    12. Operational and status reports are prepared submitted in accordance with guidelines
    13. Safety and security of facilities are maintained
    14. Tenant characteristics data is entered, in the prescribed format (i.e., HUD 50058), into the automated system for transmittal to the appropriate oversight agency in a timely and accurate manner
    15. There is timely and efficient provision required logistical support of maintenance efforts through the execution of compliant and cost-effective procurement of materials, supplies, equipment and services, and the administration of effective inventory control measures
    16. High quality centralized maintenance services are delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner
    17. Properties are maintained to conform with UPCS
    18. Property-specific and agency-wide maintenance plans are developed and implemented in accordance with applicable guidelines
    19. Central Maintenance operating budgets are produced in a timely manner and accurately reflect operating objectives and resources
    20. Physical conditions of the properties are regularly assessed and incorporated into maintenance and capital improvement planning
    21. Contracted capital improvements and maintenance are performed in accordance with contract terms and completed in a timely manner within cost constraints
    22. Sites, Buildings, Systems, and Units are inspected in accordance with applicable schedules and guidelines, and that correction of deficiencies are undertaken in a timely fashion
    23. Operational and status reports are prepared and submitted in accordance with guidelines


4.         Other Essential Duties


a.         Participate in preparation of the DHC’s 5-Year and Annual Plans

b.         Develop policies and procedures, for the approval of the Director of Operations, in areas of responsibility

c.         Establish and maintain reporting systems to monitor performance standards and to ensure that written records of performance are maintained

d.         Provide formal periodic operational and status reports to the Director of Operations and attend periodic executive staff meetings and monthly Board meetings

e.         Establish and maintain positive community and client relationships

f.          Facilitate cross-functional communication and cooperation

g.         Interpret policy for subordinates, when required 

h.         Interview prospective employees and make hiring decisions; approve or disapprove hiring recommendations from subordinate managers.

i.           Conduct regular staff meetings and maintain record of meeting highlights.

j.           Represent the agency in meetings with governmental officials, non-profit agencies and the general public.

k.         Establish performance standards for subordinates, prepare (or approve) performance appraisals, and discuss with employees or supervisors; ensure position descriptions are current, and take disciplinary or corrective action as needed.

l.           Monitor changes in federal and other regulations, assess impact on the agency and inform senior staff.

m.       Ensure training for all staff on statues, regulations, rules, policies, and procedures related to the Asset Management operations and public housing management.


Perform other duties as assigned



Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities


  1. Substantial knowledge of the range of HUD regulations governing occupancy of public housing as well as public housing administration and a working knowledge of mixed-financing structures used in affordable housing development and operation 
  2. Strong knowledge of the principles and practices of management and supervision.
  3. Working knowledge of the principles and practices of budgeting and budget administration.
  4. Comprehensive knowledge of property management principles and practices, including property maintenance administration
  5. Working knowledge of contract administration and tenant/landlord law
  6. Working knowledge of the MS Windows operating system and Microsoft Office Productivity software.  
  7. Ability to plan, organize, and manage multiple projects and priorities to accomplish tasks.
  8. Ability to delegate duties and assignments in order to achieve goals.
  9. Ability to anticipate potential problems and needs in order to develop and initiate appropriate corrective action.
  10. Ability to effectively relate to and deal with public and private agencies and residents in order to accomplish organizational goals.
  11. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, with groups and individuals.
  12. Ability to delegate duties and assignments in order to achieve objectives.
  13. Skill in communicating with people internal and external to the organization and from a broad range of socio-economic backgrounds, both orally and in writing.
  14. Skill in analyzing data.
  15. Skill in developing policies and procedures designed to meet the goals and objectives of the organization.
  16. Skill in the preparation and presentation of ideas and information in both formal and informal settings


Physical Effort and Working Conditions


Approximately 80% of the work takes place in an office environment.  Must be physically able to operate a variety of office machines.  Must be able to move or carry objects or materials, such as files, manuals, etc., weighing up to 10 pounds.  Must be physically able to access all buildings, properties, units, repair and maintenance shops, and construction sites for inspections.  Must be able to walk or stand for moderate periods of time.  The work involves normal risks or discomforts associated with an office environment.  The work area is usually adequately lighted, heated, and ventilated.



Other Requirements


The incumbent must have or be able to acquire a valid State of Michigan Driver’s License; be bondable and insurable, be capable of obtaining Federal, State of Michigan and City of Detroit Police Department criminal investigation clearances; and pass a drug screening test administered by the Commission or other source as designated by the Commission. 


Minimum Qualifications (Education/Experience)


Bachelor’s degree in business, urban planning, public administration or equivalent (master’s degree preferred); 7 years of management experience; strong leadership skills; and proven ability in motivating employees and promoting team work.  Experience must be in real estate asset management, multi-family housing management, program management of federal housing programs, and interpreting and implementing HUD regulations.  Experience in managing third party asset management contracts and low rent public housing programs are a plus.  Public Housing Management certification is required within one year of employment.


SALARY:  $95,000 including health care, vision care, dental care, & life insurance.  Pension is not included with this interim position if an external candidate is selected.


Interviews may be conducted throughout the duration of the posting at the discretion of DHC so all qualified applicants may not be interviewed.



Submit cover letter, and resume detailing your qualifications/work experience and Voluntary Self- Identification forms to: Venesta Jones, Detroit Housing Commission, 1301 E. Jefferson, Detroit, MI 48207 OR Apply online at under Careers.

This job description should not be interpreted as all-inclusive.  It is intended to identify the major responsibilities and requirements of this job classification.  This description is intended to indicate the kinds of tasks and levels of work difficulty that will be required of this position.  It is not intended to limit or in any way to modify the right of any supervisor to assign, direct and control the work of employees under his/her supervision.  The use of a particular expression or illustration describing duties shall not be held to exclude other duties not mentioned that are of similar kind of level or difficulty.