Industry Request FY2009


FFY 2009 Public Housing and Section 8 Funding Needs


The Council of Large Public Housing Authorities (CLPHA), National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO), and Public Housing Authorities Directors Association (PHADA) are national membership-based groups dedicated to the preservation and improvement of public housing. Our collective memberships include over 3,100 public housing authorities (PHAs) that own and manage the nation's public housing stock of nearly 1.2 million units, housing more than 2.5 million families, seniors and persons with disabilities. These agencies also administer the Housing Choice Voucher program which serves about 2 million households.

One of our major goals is to ensure the preservation and improvement of this federally assisted housing through adequate funding for the public housing and Section 8 programs. Toward that end, we recommend the following funding levels for these key housing programs:



FFY2009 Funding Need

Public Housing Operating Fund

$5.3 billion[1]

Public Housing Capital Fund

$3.5 billion


$800 million[2]

Safety and security in public housing

$310 million

Service Coordinators for the elderly and disabled

$50 million*

Resident Opportunity and Supportive Services

$55 million*

Housing Choice Vouchers

$15.4 billion[3]

HCV Administrative Fees

$1.54 billion

Section 8 Family Self Sufficiency Program

$72 million*

Contract Administrators for Project Based Section 8

Fully fund

Tenant Protection Vouchers Housing Assistance Payments and Administrative Fees

Fully Fund[4]


[1] Estimate is based on HUD’s FY 2009 Budget Justification.

[2] Based on funding levels from the House passed HOPE VI Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2007 (H.R. 3524).

[3] Based on the 2007 calendar year voucher leasing and cost data through September 30, 2007, increased by blended Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index, Urban (CPI-U), Rent of Primary Residence component. Assumes a 96% utilization rate. This figure includes renewal funding costs for approximately 13,500 incremental vouchers for the Family Unification Program (FUP, HUD-VA Supportive Housing vouchers (HUD-VASH), and Mainstream (non-elderly disabled) programs appropriated for FY 2008. This amount also includes renewal costs for Tenant Protection Vouchers

[4] In FY 2007, HUD delayed implementation of the mandatory conversion rule for Public Housing.  HUD resumed its implementation in FY 2008. HUD also stated that approximately 20,800 Public Housing units are presumptively distressed under the mandatory conversion regulation.

* These should be funded as separate, stand-alone programs.


For additional information, contact:

Sunia Zaterman

Saul N. Ramirez, Jr.

Tim Kaiser

CLPHA Executive Director

Phone: 202-638-1300

NAHRO Executive Director

Phone 202-289-3500

PHADA Executive Director

Phone 202-546-5445