Fiscal Year 2014

FY14 Omnibus Bill Released

On January 13, 2014, Congress unveiled the bi-partisan consolidated appropriations bill, the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2014, which will fund the federal government for FY14. The bill meets the terms laid-out in mid-December by the Murray-Ryan budget agreement that provided $1.012 trillion for the operation of the federal government. See CLPHA's updated FY14 Comparative Funding Chart

White Papers

In late November 2013, CLPHA published three papers focused on funding for the Public Housing (PH) and Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Programs. The papers illustrate the critical need for Congress to eliminate sequestration and enact categorical appropriations bills for the remainder of FY14.

October Continuing Resolution

On October 16, 2013, after 16 days of a government shutdown, Congress passed and the President signed into law a continuing resolution (CR) that funded the government through January 15, 2014 and extended the debt limit through February 7, 2014, among other provisions. The CR extended FY13 post-sequestration funding through January 15 and offered no exceptions or funding anomalies for HUD programs.

CLPHA compiled the following information for use in understanding the complexities of the CR, sequestration, and upcoming budget decisions: The Continuing Resolution and Sequestration: How They Affect the PH and HCV Programs.

Additional Resources

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