CLPHA Endorses Comments in Support of 39 MTW Agencies on Substantially the Same


In December 2016, HUD released a notice requesting comments and recommendations on a revised methodology for determining the extent to which MTW agencies continue to serve substantially the same number of eligible families under MTW as they would under standard agency regulations (the STS requirement).

A steering committee representing the 39 current MTW agencies developed comments in response to HUD’s proposed methodology. In its comments, the committee urged HUD to withdraw the STS Notice, stating that HUD’s approach would penalize MTW housing authorities who are using MTW funds creatively to accomplish critical objectives such as: targeting housing toward the homeless, subsidizing housing in high-opportunity neighborhoods, providing employment and case management services to residents, using local strategies to preserve and create new housing, and using MTW funds to recapitalize the public housing stock.

CLPHA also submitted comments supporting and endorsing those sent by the Steering Committee. In our comments we emphasized to HUD that Congress assigned PHAs, not HUD, the task of developing local plans to serve families that meet program criteria and that the agency should follow the statute as intended, which does not require a calculation for STS, but leaves meeting STS to the PHA through its local process.

CLPHA’s MTW members are widely recognized as experts and innovators, effectively using their MTW authority to pioneer new operating and resident services models that are more streamlined, efficient, and responsive to local needs. We believe that HUD should not stifle innovation or favor tradition programs over new locally designed ones. 

To view the Steering Committee’s full comments, please click here.