HUD Issues Guidance For Reporting Executive Pay

On September 11, 2015 HUD issued a notice PIH-2015-14, “Guidance on Reporting Public Housing Agency Executive Compensation Information.” The notice gives guidance to PHAs on how to use the recently revised HUD-52725 form to report executive compensation.

Several changes were made to the HUD-52725 form including:

•    Reporting the executive employee’s total compensation by using W-2 forms.
•    Submitting a salary breakdown that shows executive employee compensation from Section 8 and Section 9 funds, as well as other funds. 
•    A section that accounts for PHAs with officials serving as contractors in high-earning executive roles

The new form will consist of three sections:

Section 1 will include basic information about the PHA.

Section 2 will include a list of three executives, including the top management and financial officials, as well as the highest paid employee who is neither of the above. The section will include all salary, bonus, and incentive compensation from Section 8 and Section 9, as well as other funds.

Section 3 will include any executive compensation information that was not listed on the W-2 form (form 1099 for example).

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