Zillow Seeks CLPHA Partners to Help Low-Income Renters

Introducing the Community Pillar program

Many people in the U.S. have the means to pay for rent, often through housing vouchers or other subsidies, but are unable to secure housing in an increasingly competitive rental market. Most U.S. cities offer programs that provide property managers with financial and social services backing to mitigate the risk of renting to low-income individuals. Zillow wants to help property managers connect with these renters, but we need your help!  As a leader of a housing authority, you will likely have a strong network of property managers and landlords who would be ideal Community Pillars. 

What is the Community Pillar program?

Zillow’s Community Pillar property managers have agreed to modify their standard resident screening process in order to help applicants with potential rental barriers – low incomes, spotty credit scores, recent unemployment, and lack of references – to obtain housing. These property managers know that securing safe and reliable housing is often the first step toward a brighter future.

How you can help

If you are interested in partnering with Zillow to encourage landlords and property managers in your community and networks to become a Community Pillar, contact Zillow at communitypillar@zillow.com to learn more.  Zillow’s tagline is “Find your way home.” Let’s work together to make sure that renters at all income levels can find their way home.

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